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9/19 - WTT/WTS - Have huge list w/pictures NIB W2 Lagoona, WW SIS, WC SIS

Added some pics of what I have. The boxed items are for TRADE ONLY right now, please don't bother asking. If I do decide to sell them, they will have a price listed next to their image. Yes, I will trade multiple items for a doll I'm looking for, depending on which ones they are.

What I'm looking for (anything highlighted in color is at the top of my list):
SDCC Frankie Stein (Will take unboxed with accessories)
Gillington "Gil" Webber (Will take unboxed with accessories) PENDING
DOTD Deuce Gorgon (will take unboxed with accessories)
Holt Hyde (will take unboxed with accessories) PENDING
Spectra Vondergeist original (with clear/shiny Rhuen & black earrings) - would like sideways eyes.

Will Consider:
SS Cleo de Nile

Fashion Packs:
Toralei's Fashion Pack PENDING
Frankie's Fearleading
Clawdeen's Fashion Club

Lagoona's Pet Neptuna w/ Bowl Purse
SDCC Frankie Stein's Diary

Frankie Stein Schools Out Diary
Cleo de Nile Schools Out Diary
Red Riding Wolf Diary
Theaderella Diary
Snow Bite Diary
Frankie Stein Ghouls Rule outfit (complete)
Fearleading Shoes
Classroom Lockers w/lock

Stands - Gold, Misc. both boy and girl

I also need a fair amount of the torsos from fashion packs - those clear ones that have the clothing on them on the paper doll.

What I have to trade (all new in box):

(Top Row):
SS Abbey Bominable
SS Frankie Stein 
SS Draculaura

(Middle Row):
GB Draculaura
TRU's Werecat Sisters 2-Pack
Target's Werewolf Sisters 2-Pack
GB Jackson Jekyll

(Bottom Row):
Basic Operetta
Basic Jackson Jekyll (with journal)
Basic Nefera De Nile
Walmart's C.A. Cupid (original 1600 version) PENDING
Basic Rochelle Goyle
Basic Abbey Bominable

*Not Pictured*
GB Ghoulia Yelps (comes on her original backing card) PENDING

Fashion Packs pictured are no longer available.



Wave 2 Lagoona Blue













Basic Venus McFlytrap PENDING






















For Sale:

DT Draculaura (joints have been re-fitted and head post has been glued back into place) - $5.00 SOLD

Campus Stroll Draculaura - $15.00

Sisters set Clawdeen (complete) - $15.00

Howleen's Journal - $3.00 SOLD

Wave 2 Basic Clawdeen - $12.00

Sweet 1600 Clawdeen - $12.00

Classroom Frankie Stein - $15.00










Clawdeen head (originally DOTD). Most of her makeup has been removed and her hair has been re-rooted with yarn - $5.00

SS Frankie head - $5.00

DT Ghouliahead - $5.00

1 - Operetta Belt - $2.00
2 - Operetta Shirt - $3.00

3 - W2 Clawdeen Belt - $2.00 SOLD
4 - Rochelle Purse - $2.00
5 - Operetta Backpack - $2.00

Pet 1 - Roux - $3.00
Pet 2 - Memphis Longlegs - $3.00

A - Lagoona Suit (has rips in legs) - $6.00 PENDING
B - Rochelle Socks - $2.00
C - CR Lagoona Shorts - $3.00
D - Rochelle Skirt - $3.00 SOLD
E - Lagoona Hoodie - $8.00

(Left to Right):

C.A. Cupid's dress - $8.00

Skeleton Dress CAM - $2.00

Black/Purple outfit CAM - $2.00

Dots outfit CAM - $2.00 SOLD

SS Frankie Sari wrap - $1.00

(Left to Right):

Howleen's pet "Cushion" - $3.00

C.A. Cupid's purse - $3.00

C.A. Cupid's shoes - $6.00
C.A. Cupid's earrings & cuff - $3.00

SS Frankie Shoes - $3.00 SOLD

Howleen backpack - $4.00

CAM black/purple wig - $3.00 SOLD

1 - Lagoona's Necklace - $3.00 PENDING
2 - Rochelle's Earrings/Headband - $2.00 SOLD
3 - Operetta's Mask - $2.00 SOLD
4 - Operetta's Earrings - $1.00


Howleen's clothing (no shoes) - $15.00

Operetta Journal - $2.00
Rochelle Journal - $2.00
Operetta Fashion Pack - $12.00

CAM Vampire head/torso (original face removed) - $6.00

CAM Sea Monster torso - $5.00 PENDING
CAM Dragon torso - $5.00

CAM Werewolf torso - $5.00

Moxie Teenz Wig - $8.00

Moxie Teenz Wig Stands (great for practicing painting custom faces, a little too large for LIV wigs) - $2.00 each 

Black Brushes - .25¢ each

I live in the US (Florida), and will ship anywhere. Within the US all shipping is done via First Class.

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I wish I could buy Rochelle's diary but I haven't got Paypal :/

Wait, scratch that. I can buy spectra if you want, but i also have loose DOTD deuce with all accessories.

hailey said:

I am willing to go out and buy a NIB spectra....... i see her everywhere..... I'm interested in the werewolf sisters. I am also willing to throw in SO cleo's diary and/or a locker with the lock, if you think spectra is too little. :) I've been trying to find the werewolf sisters ever since they came out, and this might be my chance to get them :)

I'll also send you a pic of the doll before i send it, if you want to trade me. ;)

Hey Michi, you still looking for the lockers and DOTD Deuce? I've got 6 lockers and Deuce just added to my sales thread, so let me know!


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