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Hey all, looking to do some trading here. I apologize in advance for the shoddy photos. Haven't figured out how to get my camera's menus into English yet :P Let's start with what I have and want, followed by pictures.


I'd prefer to keep trades within the US, but will go international for the right ghoul.


What I Have:

Signature Abbey (rerelease) NIB

Classroom Lagoona (rerelease) NIB

Ghoul's Alive Clawdeen NIB

Scaris Catrine DeMew NIB

Scaris Skelita Calaveras NIB x2

Scaris Jinafire Long NIB x2

Werewolf Sisters Two-Pack NIB

Forbitten Love Two-Pack NIB x2 (One traded, other on hold)

Forbitten Love Draculaura

Dance Class Robecca, Nude

CAM Werecat, Nude (Includes ears, forgot to put them out)

CAM Witch, Nude


Additionally, I work at a Walmart, with a TRU, Target and KMart nearby, so I could probably get any other current dolls fairly easily.


What I Want:

Any of the boys (Should be getting Scaris Deuce soon, so he's less priority, but still viable)

Any Wave 1 doll

C.A. Cupid (Either version)

DOTD Lagoona

Scooter Ghoulia (Just the doll)

CAM Ghost (Or any Spectra, would be salvaging for parts)

School Clubs Fashion Packs

Assorted Clothing and Shoes


Or offer what you have, I will consider any offer.


Photo Dump:

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I'll just finish in PMs, so we don't keep having the same conversation twice XP


Are you still in need of Scaris Deuce? I have one NIB and am interested in either Caterine (longshot but I thought I'd offer XD) or Jina.

I already traded my first Catrine for Scaris Deuce, so I'd rather hold off on another Scaris Deuce for a bit :P

NP, thanks for letting me know! c:

ApricotOcelot said:

I already traded my first Catrine for Scaris Deuce, so I'd rather hold off on another Scaris Deuce for a bit :P

I have a Jackyll doll, new in box, but I would trade it only for a pack of other dolls. I can send a photo from it.

I would ask for the Catherina, the Howleen-clawdeen sister pack, and the CAM witch.

I know that it sounds a lot, but it's a rare one, and I'm keeping it for a 'big fish'. Let me know if you're interested.

Would you like to trade Forbitten love (either both or just the Clawd) for Fearleading 3 pack?

@ Harag: I still haven't been able to get past Jackson's lumpy doll face. Thanks, but no thank you.

@ Alicia De Nile: No, thank you, but neither fearleading pack appealed to me

Would you be willing to sell the Forbitten Love 2pack?

Hello im in Australia but i have a US address, i have  C.A Cupid 1600 doll and can get robecca with pet BNIB and venus with pet BNIB would you be willing to trade one for Catrine DeMew ( long shot but thought id try) i also have DOT all the dolls

@ Kamazoth: I would rather not sell, selling things for more than MSRP makes me feel sleazy, but I paid more than MSRP to start with :P

@ Breezy: DOT being Dot Dead Gorgeous or DOTD missing a D? Because I would trade you my heart and probably some my legs for a DOTD Deuce.

i meant dot dead gorgeous all i have of the dawn of the dance deuce is his outfit. There is a deuce on ebay Item number: 130843670145 ( i hate buyin them from there because its much more i paid $50 for a wave 2 dead tired because the dont sell them here)


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