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Hey all, looking to do some trading here. I apologize in advance for the shoddy photos. Haven't figured out how to get my camera's menus into English yet :P Let's start with what I have and want, followed by pictures.


I'd prefer to keep trades within the US, but will go international for the right ghoul.


What I Have:

Signature Abbey (rerelease) NIB

Classroom Lagoona (rerelease) NIB

Ghoul's Alive Clawdeen NIB

Scaris Catrine DeMew NIB

Scaris Skelita Calaveras NIB x2

Scaris Jinafire Long NIB x2

Werewolf Sisters Two-Pack NIB

Forbitten Love Two-Pack NIB x2 (One traded, other on hold)

Forbitten Love Draculaura

Dance Class Robecca, Nude

CAM Werecat, Nude (Includes ears, forgot to put them out)

CAM Witch, Nude


Additionally, I work at a Walmart, with a TRU, Target and KMart nearby, so I could probably get any other current dolls fairly easily.


What I Want:

Any of the boys (Should be getting Scaris Deuce soon, so he's less priority, but still viable)

Any Wave 1 doll

C.A. Cupid (Either version)

DOTD Lagoona

Scooter Ghoulia (Just the doll)

CAM Ghost (Or any Spectra, would be salvaging for parts)

School Clubs Fashion Packs

Assorted Clothing and Shoes


Or offer what you have, I will consider any offer.


Photo Dump:

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I have a scarise duece gorgan, I'm interested in either 2 pack lmk thanks.

I have C.A. Cupid! Would you be willing to trade the forbidden love pack w/clawd?  Let me know what else you are willing to trade for the forbidden love pack.


Friend request and message sent

Interested in the werewolf sisters and clawd/lala I need them for my cousin and clawd for my brother! 

I have tru 3 pack power ghouls and I also have clawdeen wave 1 outfit and deuce wave 1 outfit also can get duece wave 1 loose but complete :)

@ Zosia De Nile: Just Cupid for the two-pack seems unbalanced, Do you have anything else you could even it out with? :P

@ Deanna Rivera: I have such mixed feelings about PowerGhouls thusfar, but I'd certainly trade either two-pack for a complete Wave 1 Deuce.

I would really love the Forbitten 2-pack. I have Scaris Deuce, Scooter Ghoulia (w/or w/out the bike), and I can get a Cupid.

 I have Scaris Deuce, Nefera, Venus, Robbeca, Catrine Demew...What other dolls are you looking for?

@ DollHappy: Scooter Ghoulia is certainly tempting, but since I worked out a trade yesterday for Scaris Deuce, I'm a bit hesitant to trade for another.

@ Zosia De Nile: The stores around me seem to all still have Sweet 1600 (sans Clawd) and later, so I'm mostly looking for prior to that.

Hey ghoul, would you be willing to trade for a 1600 Cupid new in box + wave 1 Draculaura with all accessories loose or 1600 Cupid and Ghoulia Scooter OR Draculaura Basic and Scooter Ghoulia for the Forbitten Love pack?

Basically here is a list of ALL dolls I have for trade you can pick either 2 dolls or 3 dolls if there are no rare dolls (like a Basic Draculaura or a 1600 Cupid is kind of rare) All dolls are NIB mint unless otherwise noted:

Basic Draculaura (loose with everything), Sweet 1600 Cupid (new in box but box is slightly damaged) Swim Class 2013 Draculaura and Lagoona, ALL Ghouls Rule Dolls NIB (I would be willing to trade you 4 of these since I got them for a decent price), Ghouls Rule Abbey (she was harder to get but I will trade her plus any other 1 doll), Scaris Deuce MINT, Roller Maze Clawdeen, Roller Maze 2 pack with Abbey, All the other Roller Maze dolls, (I would trade you 3 or 4 Roller Maze dolls), Deuce plushie (box slightly damaged), Ghoulia plushie, Spectra plushie, Ghouls Alive (all), Abbey ORIGINAL release NIB, I may have more dolls at my local store I can pick up as well. I also have Dead Tired Abbey (slight tear in box otherwise NIB) and her Ice Bed. I also have Power Ghouls NIB, and some other misc things. I can get the fashion packs that you want although I would have to buy them on amazon and pay a little crazy price for those but I'm willing to do it for the Forbitten Love two pack. Also with the Ghoulia doll it would be the one that came with Sir Hoots a lot so he would be included if you want him!!!!

I can also get a Loose Wave 1 Ghoulia with Sir Hoots a Lot if you are interested, I would have to buy one from a friend but I know someone who is selling one for over retail sadly but it's worth it to me to get Clawd and Lala and you could still pick 1 more doll to go with it from my collection or a fashion pack.

Those dolls would be loved and appreciated and not resold as I am a huge fan of Clawd and Draculaura I even write fanfic about them! They are my favorite couple. I will seriously work very hard with you to make this trade work and will probably offer you more dolls than anyone else so please please consider a trade with me.

Also, if none of these dolls are good please offer some counter offers I will go hunting around the stores and online trying to get something to trade with you! But those are what I have in hand.

@ Lexa Power: If you can really get a complete Wave 1 Ghoulia, I'd certainly trade Forbitten Love for her. She's my favorite, but I dislike most of the outfits they've put her in lately

Would you accept loose out of box but with ALL accessories and in excellent condition displayed by an adult collector for wave 1 ghoulia? Trade for forgotten love
Forbitten ** stupid auto correct lol


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