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WTT/S: Student Disembody Council/Manster 2-pack UPDATED: 26June2015

Hey, all.  I haven't posted much, but I do have 100% positive feedback on eBay.  I've done a couple of trades here (but nothing recently).


I'd like to trade a nude Manster Gil (with his air helmet) for a nude Pack of Trouble Clawd.  I'd also like to trade a nude Manster Deuce for a nude Boo York Deuce.


I have no interest in SDC Pres Slo Mo or SDC Cleo, so they are up for trade/sale.  They are fully clothed & come with whatever their accessory is in the 5-pack.  I'd prefer to trade, but am open to selling them.  I'm looking for:


Clawdia (Pack of Trouble)

I *heart* Accessories Skelita

Kohl's exclusive Operetta



Everything is still new/factory-packaged & attached to the backing, so any dust is on the box itself & not the dolls.  If the dolls come with stands, they will be included (nude or not), and I would you to do the same.


I also have an original release Frankie (NIB with slight crease in side) that I would be up for trading or selling.



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Just for trade only.  Sorry.

harag said:


Are you open to sell the bee torso and the 3-eyed torso, or you will to trade them only?

EDIT: to update trades & pics



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