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*updated w/pics* Selling/trading wave 1 DEUCE, CLEO, FRANKIE, loose clothing, and much more!!!

*"Sorry I hadn't had time to update in the last few days.**

Hello! I have been lucky to find many dolls, clothes, and accessories second hand and I'm looking to sell or trade. Since they are second hand their conditions vary, however I will post pics and be as detailed as possible about their condition. I'm not sure of prices so I'm looking at offers. I'd prefer offers for just the cost of the items since shipping and paypal fees are variable

(if you choose to send payment as a gift paypal fees do not apply).

*updated* My wants list:
-toralei's signiture outfit (would also consider her dolls w/ outfit or her fashion pack)
-spectras signature outfit
-basic Jackson

-white torso, upper arms, and upper legs for CAM skeleton 

Unlikely to happen but I can always try :p-
-loose dotd draculaura

What I have to sell/trade:

*all of these are loose dolls w/o pets* 

*stands not included*

-basic deuce (missing his gloves, wrist cuff, sunglasses; I found his sunglasses)- $45 SOLD

-basic Cleo (complete except for headband, I found her headband and her clutch)- $35 SOLD

-basic/forbidden love clawd (he's complete however the flocking on his head is missing) SOLD
-forbidden love draculaura (complete outfit but missing umbrella)- $18

-basic Frankie (complete but one of the straps on her shoe is broken, and one of the chains on her belt is broken)-$20

-ghouls rule Frankie (complete outfit, found her acessories after taking the picture-I have the mask, cauldron, and the blue tricker-or-treat bag thing)-$15 PENDING

-wave 2/schools out Cleo (missing her chocker, )-$35
-basic nefera (complete)-$15 

-skull shore ghoulia (complete)-$8 SOLD
-skull shores draculaura (complete)-$8 SOLD
-skull shores lagoona (missing left leg fin)-$6 SOLD

*I have each of their drinks, just didn't have it for the pic)*

-classroom ghoulia in complete physical deaducation outfit (at the moment does not not include ball, locker, or second outfit, however I'll be looking to see if I have any of her other accessories)-$12.50 by herself, or $15 with second outfit and glasses
-classroom lagoona in complete mad-science outfit (at the moment includes the frog in the jar but not the egg, journal, locker, or second outfit, however I'll be looking to see if I have any of her other accessories)-$13 SOLD

-classroom frankie in home-ick outfit (does not include locker, or second outfit, I have her little bear, thread and needle, her notebook, and pen)-$13

-dead tired draculaura (complete, I have her DVD as well)-$8

-basic operetta (complete with bag, but her hair victory curls are kinda wonky)-$10 SOLD

-coffin bean clawdeen (complete does not include apron)-$7

-day at the maul frankie (I know she's missing accessories but I'm not sure what exactly, I think she may be complete)-$7 SOLD

-nude wave 2 basic ghoulia-$20 (sorry I can't do better on her, but I paid more for her than that)

More dolls but with issues:
-nude basic deuce (his hip joints are very loose and look like they might have been restrung, he also has a very small sharpie mark on his cheek) SOLD
-basic draculaura (her outfit is complete but her top is missing a button, her lips have a weird redish halo around them like she just finished drinking koolaid)-$16

close up of deuce's face:

Bait (good for customs and parts) dolls:
-mad science lagoona w/ all her hair cut off and missing leg finns PENDING
-nude gloom beach Jackson (his face paint his missing and his face is sharpied, his chest has some rough spots) SOLD

-cleo (not sure which cleo this is but her face is heavily sharpied) SOLD
Close ups of jackson and cleo:

Loose pets:

(I'm offering these pets separate but if you buy the doll and matching pet together, I'll discount the price of the pet) 

*I also have crescent, just didn't have her for the pictures* 


Loose clothing:


Deuces Pants- SOLD

Lagoona's Jacket- PENDING

Ghoulia's Dress and glasses- SOLD

(Liv-boy outfit, the clothes are a lil big but can be tailored to fit better, the shoes are a lil small and the boys feet stick out in the back, but from the front you can't see it)

NIB fashion pack:
-spectras new fashion pack- $6 

Play sets and whatnot:
-draculaura's coffin bed (comes with everything picture: blanket, pillow, diary, pen...)-$30 SOLD

-Frankie's bed (includes pillow, blanket, her diary, pen, blue comb, and some kinda surgical tool things it came with ) TRADED

-draculaura's bathtub and vanity (have to check accessories)-$14

-draculaura's roadster-$15

(forgot to take pics)

-electronic fear book (used but in decent condition, sound still works, includes key, fear book pages, notebook that looks like the diaries-the inside pages are unused but the cover has stickers)-$8

(I can provide more detailed pics through pm)

-fortune skull (it's this lil skullet that you press a button and it gives you predictions like an eight-ball)-$3 TRADED

Random stuff:
-three Barbie cars (voltswagon convertible beetle, another convertible, and a jeep style car)-$7 each

-mlp pony mini figures (glitter rainbow dash SOLD, regular rainbow dash, regular applejack, regular twilight sparkle, glitter twillightX2 SOLD, regular rarity, glitter rarity SOLD, regular pinky pie)-$1.50 each

I've already had a few offers in the friends request box. Since there's not a lot at the moment I can keep track but I ask that all future requests be posted below. We can discuss details in PM, it just makes it easier for me to keep track of who asked first. :) I hope this doesn't seem rude but I reserve the right to choose my preferred offer (though in general I will try to go in order of request). Thanks for looking!


I have decided to list the order of requests here. If your name is at the top, your first in line to buy the item, second on the list, second in line etc... If someone passes on the item or doesn't respond back their name will be crossed out and the item moves to the next person on the list. I hope that makes sense. There's not too much left so I've removed the list.

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Hi. Interested in first frankie...
I was wondering since I was the first to ask about them. Are you going sell me frankie day at the maul and neferas pet bettle. I hope so thanks.

Yes, I just hadn't had a chance to update the list and answer all the messages. Let me know your zip code so I can tell you the shipping cost. :)

jon johnson said:

I was wondering since I was the first to ask about them. Are you going sell me frankie day at the maul and neferas pet bettle. I hope so thanks.
My zip code is 28655.
If you can send me an email to me directly at with the total for frankie day at the maul and neferas pet bettle with your paypal address I will paypal you tonight thanks.
So can I purchase the day at the maul frankie and neferas bettle today?

I'm interested in:
- Basic Frankie
- Physical Dead. Lagoona's Extra Dress
- Lagoona's Labcoat

I'll get back to you one that. I might have another show and belt that are okay.

deandean1990 said:

I will give you $20 for basic Frankie, that includes shipping. Basically because her shoe is broke as well as her belt. I will pay now if this deal is okay with you.

Ghoulia's physical deaducation dress just sold but I may have another. Let me get back to you one that.

Reno Kun said:

I'm interested in:
- Basic Frankie
- Physical Dead. Lagoona's Extra Dress
- Lagoona's Labcoat

Interested in schools out Cleo if she is still available

I noticed that Basic Cleo and Deuce aren't listed on the list anymore, so I'm not sure if all of the deals you had with other people just didn't go through or not, but I'm definitely still interested in them if you still have them ;v;! I was wondering if I could make a deal for the both of them with you if that's okay? (: My sister has been looking for them for a while so it would be awesome to get my hands on them!

is nefera still for sell?


classroom ghoulia  physical deaducation
classroom lagoona  mad-science

Yup she's still available. FR sent.

CherylH said:

Interested in schools out Cleo if she is still available


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