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Selling collection: Basic Deuce, 1600 Clawd and Cupid, Swim Class Holt, Gloom Beach Jackson among others

group shoooooot

Selling off most of my collection, as well as a few dolls still in box which I received as gifts over my birthday and Christmas. Please click to see full sized pics, I tried to get as best a view of their faceup as well.
I do live with two cats, in case of any allergies, and ship from Texas to anywhere in the U.S.

Paypal only, please.

Prices do not include shipping, which will be determined based on the buyer's zip code. Nib dolls will be shipped in a box, loose dolls will be shipped in a bubble mailer unless otherwise requested.


Basic Deuce Cleo
basic duece and cleo

Cleo De Nile - 35
Missing cell phone/phone thigh case, headband and has had hair cut SOLD
Deuce Gorgon - 40
Missing glasses and glove.
Both - 70 N/A

Gloom Beach

Gloom Beach faceup
Gloom Beach
Gloom Beach 0 faceup
gloom beach 0
Clawdeen - 25
Missing Frisbee and glasses
Draculaura - 25
Jackson 1 - 50
Jackson 2 - 45
Missing flipflops, glasses, volley ball

Skull Shores

Skull Shores
Skull Shores D faceup
Skull Shores faceup

Clawdeen - 20
Cleo - 20

      Single release (L) - 20
      5pack release (R) - 20
Frankie - 20
Ghoulia - 20

Sweet 1600

Sweet 1600
Sweet 1600 Faceup

C.A.Cupid - 50
Clawd - 50

Note: I also have Frankie, Draculaura and Clawdeen. Both the original releases (oob) and the Black Friday releases (nib), please let me know if you're interested and I will take pics and set prices. (Probably about 15 for either version )

Picture Day

Picture Day
Picture Day faceup

Cleo - 25
      Has been de-tinseled
Draculaura - 17
Frankie - 20
Spectra - 17

Roller Maze

Roller Maze
Roller Maze faceup

Abbey - 20
Clawdeen - 20

Note I do have their helmets and they will be included with doll purchase, Abbey is wearing a Winx Club Flora accessory pack headband which will not be included with the doll.

Dot Dead Gorgeous

Dot Dead Goregeous

Abbey - 17
Draculaura - 17
Ghoulia - 17
Operetta - 17
Spectra - 17
Lagoona - 17

Note: I thought I'd taken a faceup picture, but it seems to be missing. I can post one soon.

Scary Tales/Scarily Ever After

Scary Tails
scary tails clawdeen hood
scary tales faceup

Frankie - 22
Draculaura - 22
Clawdeen - 22

Dance Class

Dance Class
Dance Class Faceup

Lagoona - 10
Operetta - 10
Robecca - 10
Rochelle - 15

Scaris: City of Frights

Catrine faceup
Scaris Faceup 01
Scaris faceup 03

    nib - 25
Deuce Gorgon
      nib x2 - 17 each
Draculaura - 15
Clawdeen - 17
Lagoona - 17
Rochelle - 17

Not pictured, but do have her suitcase
Skelita - 17

Swim Class/Make a Splash

Swim class
swim class faceup
Swim Class Frankie faceup
swim class nib ula d

Draculaura -
      nib with fangs - 17
      oob without fangs - 15
Holt - 50 SOLD
Frankie nib - 20
Lagoona - 15
Rochelle - 20
      pink eyeshadow    - 15
      green eyeshadow - 15

Note I have both sets of Venus' sunglasses, as well as Rochelle's bag, although they aren't pictured.

Music Festival

music festival
Music Fest faceup

Abbey - 10
Clawdeen - 10
Venus - 15
  Hand altered using a clear tie.

I <3 Fashion

i heart fashion scarah
I heart fashion clawdeen
I heart fashion clawdeen faceup
I heart fashion scarah faceup

      nib - 30
      oob - 25
Clawdeen - 25 SOLD

Classroom 2pack (Home Ick)

Home Ick twopack
Home Ick nib
Home Ick TwoPack Faceup 01
Home Ick TwoPack Faceup 02

Home Ick 2pack x2 - 28 each


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Hello! I'm interested in Sweet 1600 Clawd!

My zip is 58703.

Alrighty, with shipping to 58703, it comes out to $56.16. If that's ok we can move to PMs?

MonsterMenagerie said:

Hello! I'm interested in Sweet 1600 Clawd!

My zip is 58703.


Are you still interested in selling the Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen for the Sweet 1600? 


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