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For Sale! Added Spectra, Sweet 1600, Jackson, Clawd... more!

Quick Rules:

1. Not on first come, first serve, I can decide who I want to sell too. So if someone swoops in on something we've been discussing, I have the right to sell to them over you if I deem it.
2. Everything is +shipping, Shipping to USA is generally around $20.
3. To Save on shipping you might want to buy more than one thing. A lot of little things can be shipped for $20-$25

**To see photos click words in pink** If the photo isnt there, It will be soon.

What I am selling/trading - Feel free to make an offer on all/any
Spectra $15.00 
Sweet 1600 Clawdeen $25.00
Sweet 1600 Draculaura and an extra skirt $25.00
Sweet 1600 Frankie $25.00
Jackson Jeykl $70.00

Wave 1 Abbey $20.00
CAM Werewolf $10.00 (Messy/no hair)
CAM Gargoyle Boy $10.00
CAM Puma $10.00
SS Draculaura $15.00

List of people who have backed out/ disconnected contact/ flaked.
Dragonborn -backed out after deciding not to buy from me because I am not official dealer.
jessebelle -disconnected contact; said shed get back to me and did not.
MonsterGirl4444 -said she would get back to me, disconnected contact. 
List of people who I have had successful transactions with
KaliSkani - Traded my Nefera and Toralei for her Holt Hyde
MichelleMaBelle - Bought her CAM Bee Torso.
Selebis - Sold my W1 Ghoulia and W1 Clawdeen to her.
aMonsterHighGuy - Sold my School's Out Cleo and my Fashion packs to him.
Elizabeth - Sold my DotD Lagoona, DT Ghoulia and Operetta to her.
AJ - Sold My giant Lot to AJ
kaskurgi - Sold my CAM Skeleton, CAM Dragon, Skull Shores Frankie, Schools Out Frankie, Draculaura and Dead Tired Frankie to karkurgi with no problems
Abbinormal - Sold CAM 3Eye Monster, CAM Seamonster and CAM Bee to Abbinormal.
Elizabeth - Sold to her my SS Frankie, SS Lagoona, Cupid, DT Cleo and DT Draculaura, great transaction.

MikeyC - Sold my Gil to MikeyC, he paid promptly and had no problems
Jennnny - Sold my GB Jackson, Holt Hyde and Vampireboy CAM. to Jennny, no problems!
MHAddict - Sold my basic and Sweet 1600 Clawd to Addict with no problems.

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i have both holt and deuce for sale, check out my thread

I don't have the money to buy Deuce and Holt

Slowly Updating with photos :)

Do you have pictures of Clawdeen?

Hey Kittens. I am getting her photograph now :)

Kittens said:

Do you have pictures of Clawdeen?

Hey Kittens; Here she is. I also have her brush and her cat. I do not have her box. However, like all of my dolls she was unboxed and set on a shelf to look pretty. I very rarely even undress my dolls. She is in pristine condition.

Kittens said:

Do you have pictures of Clawdeen?

Updating more photos :)

If Clawdeen W1 is available, I have a Holt I could trade.

Does he have all of his clothes and things? Id like photos

Sheri said:

If Clawdeen W1 is available, I have a Holt I could trade.

how much is Dead Tired Frankie?

Hi! Again its all on an make an offer basis.

mechagirl said:

how much is Dead Tired Frankie?

35$ for dotd lagoona?


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