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As the totally says, I'm looking to by the Coffin Bean 2 Pack with Clawdeen and Draculaura!

I'm also looking for Kohl's exclusive Clawdeen and DT 2/newest release Clawdeen.

Available for trade I have:

First release Abbey (with fur that covers boots)
W2 lagoona (maybe..)
W1 Ghoulia
Operetta in modified fashion pack
GB Cleo, Clawdeen, Lala and Frankie.
DDG Spectra with broken right arm.
Toralei with no right arm, hand + tail.
Operetta with missing left leg
DT Ghoulia with no arms (I MAY have 2 left arms for her)

Clothes + Diarys.

I do have 2 ziplock bags of clothes so if you're looking for loose/random parts ask and I can let you know what I have :3

With trading I stick with my policy of only trading with those I've dealt with before or those with more than 3 positive feedback on here and/or on eBay.

I'm in the UK :3

Leave a comment on here with offers (it's hard for me to see or answer Inbox messages with the system being all glitchy for me :\ )

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Probably. The Midwest is usually last
That's a shame, but the states are so large it doesn't surprise me that it takes a few weeks for things to span across stores!
You're so lucky that you're the primary MH market, I'm jealous :p
We miss out on a lot of stuff over here like the second DawnOTD, both beach 5 packs and more :\ it's like Mattel doesn't want our money! Haha :)

Anyway, I'd really appreciate if you'd be able to find out the price in store (+ a finders fee for gas/time) and an estimate on price of shipping so I can compare it to the prices over here, and weigh up whether it's bette to import or not.
Or let me know if and what you're looking for trade wise. Thanks a lot :)


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