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I'm looking to buy Howleen.  I'm looking for one near retail price + shipping/handling, but I few extra bucks for gas/time is completely reasonable and I'm definitely willing to add that to the cost.  I just don't want to pay the near double retail that people are trying to get for them on ebay.  I'd prefer a US seller so I don't have to pay international shipping costs, but depending on the price I might be willing to buy them from anywhere.  I would prefer the US version of Howleen so she has the complete diary, but at this point I'm willing to buy either version just to get the doll.  I don't actually need the Clawdeen that comes with Howleen if someone has a set they'd like to split.  I will buy both of them though if that's the only way you are willing to sell them.  I don't care about box condition (I'd actually love if they could be removed from the box before shipping to save on costs!), but I'd like Howleen to be in good shape with decent face paint.   If Clawdeen's face paint is wonky I don't care so much as long as Howleen looks good!

I don't really have anything to trade unless someone wants a random Physical Deaducation Ghoulia head or a Killer Style Draculaura head.

Help a girl out :)

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