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I know this might be a stretch, but I was wondering if anyone who has Scarah and HooDude would be willing to sell just HooDude+his stand? I'm not interested in Scarah, but my sister and I adore HooDude, so I wanted to buy him and surprise her with him for our birthday (twins :P). Also hoping to get him with Journal, but if not that's okay too.

I can't pay any outrageous price for him, but I'm willing to pay between $20-30 for him (maybe I'll go up to $40. We'll see.) plus shipping. I'm in Canada so I'm hoping for a good shipping price, but not betting on it. Though, since he will be out of the box and just one doll, maybe it'll be an okay price...

Thanks. :)

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Bump. :)


There was actually a person selling him by himself on ebay and it was 8 bucks. 


I found the listing. The bid is up to $26 which is still good, but the shipping to Canada is $30. @.@

e_______e You'd be better off trying to get it off matty collector for that.

I totally forgot about Matty Collector!
Yeah I'll try that first. :)

Wasn't able to get one off of MattyCollector so I'm still looking for HooDude. :)


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