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Well, I have been given permission to spend some money to get me some of the EAH dolls I do not have yet. I am looking for (those that are released X3) Apple white basic and Legacy day, Raven Basic and Legacy day, Briar Rose basic, Cerise hood nude doll.

I have a max of $100 to spend, and I am whiling to trade items to help cut the prices down I awesome feeback on trades and sells. On each doll I would like a close up pic on their face, to make sure there are no eye wonks or very little. Here is a sample of some stuff I do have up for trade to cut prices

(I also have the complete CAM puma boy parts, just no pictures ^^')

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I would suggest you go on amazon and mattel shop. They both have great deals on EAH and if you don't have a credit card you can purchase gift cards to shop online. Amazon has Legacy Day for $15.

The thing is, I don't handle well when I collect dolls and see a eye wonk :/ and our local stores do not have a good selection.

Those dolls are still hanging around my stores. The only problem would be you'd pay retail for them plus shipping. If you decide to bite the bullet and go retail, I can help. I'm also SUPER picky about my dolls and the faces must be perfect, I'd never pick one up that I couldn't live with.

I also have all positive feedback


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