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I think it would have been better to just start all over again with new characters. But keep Howleen, Twyla, Lorna, River, ect and age them so they are the next generation of MH along with a bunch of new characters.. I'm just tired of the Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen all the time...

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actually I could get behind that. Graduate the older characters, that'd be a fun line, then reboot with the juniors heh.

That would've been awesome.

HOWEVER, it's the exact opposite of what Mattel's goal is here - and that's to essentially downgrade all of the older characters to much younger looking versions of themselves. Not to grow existing ones up (therefore making literally everyone more womanly and edgey).

Your idea would work great if they were trying to appeal to an older market, not a younger one.

I think you misunderstand. What the OP meant was to basically "retire" the older characters and focus instead of the little sisters as junior high schoolers. they're 14 right now so aging them to 15 and adding some new 14 year olds into the mix would keep them "young" while having all the 17+ aged characters outta there.

I know what the poster meant. I'm saying that aging the Little Sister characters up is a defiance of exactly what Mattell is doing in the first place. They're trying to appeal to little girls and become less edgy and grown retiring the existing 15-17 year old characters only to replace them with aged up current Little Sister characters is redundant, no?

That would have been fintastic!  Graduate Frankie and the ghouls to the 'adult female' body type and give them 'guest star' status while the younger group of Howleen, TwylaLorna and the others could move up to the 'standard' body type and then introduce another younger set for the smaller body type.  

The only problem is that a few of them probably don't age or 'grow up', right?  Still, they could at least graduate and make room for new blood.


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