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I just bought the first "Hotel Transylvania" movie. I'm hoping that I can get the second one, too, because I want to watch them both before I see the third "Hotel Transylvania" movie next year; I am sooo looking forward to that movie! I want to see certain heroes kick some snobby villain butt! That's all that I can say without giving away spoilers. LOL!

That having been said, if I really like the character of Mavy Wavy (Mavis), I'm going to want to make a Monster High doll version of her, and I'm thinking that the Original Favorites / Original Ghouls Draculaura doll might be the one to buy, for purposes of customization, but I'm not sure....

I might try to get a loose one of those dolls online, so that I can make sure that her lip color is really, really dark and Goth-esque, just like Mavis' lip color!

Thanks for any hints, etc., and, yes, I might re-paint Lala's eyes, because Mavis didn't fuss with all of that pink eye shadow, etc. I might also color Lala's pink streaks black, although, at times, when the light shines on Mavis, her dark hair looks rather like it has some pink streaks in it, anyway....

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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