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The rules are simple. Someone says something for an example Cats the Musical. Then the next person has to say Worthy if they like it, not worthy if the dislike it, and half n half if you have never seen it or heard of it. See simple. Try to keep what you say to a not likely half n half and not something obvious like Monster High. I'll start:


Turkey Sandwiches

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Worthy (Names are getting old, can we stop now?)

Those colorful rubber bands on braces
Thanks, Nyan!
Half and half (really didnt like them at first, but they have grown on me)

The theme song for Mission Impossible :D
Lego City.


Maximum Ride :D


Monster High movie animation

Worthy to the max

Newspaper Clubs at school

♫☆Ke$ha☆♫ ((Sam,♈ᖺᗴ ᕋᘮᙓᗴﬡ)) said:

Half n Half


Half and half, I do not know what/who that is


Oreo Pies


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