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Don't know if I'd say they were the worse, but Ghoulia, Operetta and Mouscedes, (even though I like mice and rats), just don't appeal to me. And Garrott Du Roque gives me the creeps as it looks like someone I thought was a friend but was horrible to me........!!!!!!

I have one because I got the 2 pack dirt cheap and I can't resist a MH boy even when they're not all that cool apparently, but Home Ec Heath is about the most awful looking MH boy to me. I only got him because the 2 pack showed up at my local Tuesday Morning for like $12 and because he's related to Jackson and Holt and always in episodes and it would have been odd not to have him in my collection given that. I just don't like Heath as a doll much. As a character he's fun but as a doll I think he lacks a bit...

I don't like any of the Lagoonas with the curly/frizzy hair.  She's so much cuter and prettier with long hair. 

I also can't ever see myself getting a C.A.Cupid.  Her kissy mouth bugs me for some reason.  And she's not a monster. so for me she just doesn't fit in. 

Also the doll with the ram horns or whatever they are.  I can't remember what she is or her name, but the pictures of her kind of creep me out.  I might like her better if I ever see her in person.


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