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i like everything on this/ my clawdeen...maybe you have to style her hair a little bit...but she is so funky and very to all fans :-)

For me, it's Jinafire.  I just don't like her facial sculpt and paint.  I feel the same about Operetta.  Something just seems off about both of them to me.

Those are awesome, 2 of the best monster high dolls made!

I love Operetta's character but I don't think they matched her colors well enough to her animated counterpart.  Her doll seems more pink than lavender and her hair is more orange-red than magenta-red.  And her face seems too angular and mature … I wish they had given her a more youthful look (larger eyes, smaller mouth).     

For me it's Jin's eyebrows, I don't like them. They make her look mean or angry or something.

Yeah, it's her eyebrows, eyes and nose … she looks creepy.  And not in the way that's good.

This girl right here.  I just pass her up all the time thinking about how ugly I think she is.  No redeeming qualities for me.  I just do not like her at all.

Poor Mouscedes gets no love. XD I think she's adorable, those little buck teeth! <3 

I agree I didn't like her at first but once I saw her in person I came to love her. I've said it before dolls always look better in person. Love her skin tone we need more of a variety of skin tones. We also need more characters with a change of skin color like the new Clawdeen in FDC. She's super cute especially in the 3 pk where her clothes fits so much better. I think her unfortunate dislike was her clothes. I bet her 3 version will be even better.

It's not her face and hair that bother me, but I think that outfit is just horrible.  I like the idea of her, just not how Mattel executed her.  

Elisabat!!! Its basically Draculaura without her heart on her cheek!! What a waste of a possible great character!!

Ghouls Alive Frankie. Horrible!!!


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