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I love this Clawdeen. Oh her outfit is DIRE but her face has so much attitude. Her hair was pretty rubbish as well, I cut mine after boil washing the heck out of it because it was soooo frizzy. but she scrubs up so nice.

You just gotta look beyond the hideous jumpsuit and there's a beautiful alternative doll hiding under all that ugly haha.

My Ghoul's Rule Clawdeen heheh. I love her, she's one of my faves.

Worst? I'd say Ghoul Spirit Frankie, bland outfit and her makeup makes her look like she has an eye infection.

Ooh loving this MH like and dislike discussions. Unfortunately I have many. Usually the over the top gaudy dressed dolls. Like Ghouls Rules they are all just awful in my opinion but Draculaura is the worst did love the little skeleton figure accessory she came with. At least Clawdeen can kinda get away with a 1970 disco avant garde maybe look Lol. Draculaura sweet 1600 and Frankie. Not a fan of any 13 wishes haunt the casbah. Didn't like any sweet screams either and that was a line that could have been better cause the idea was good. Musical festival Clawdeen and Abbey. Fusion inspired Frankie. Ghoulia dot dead gorgeous and skull shores. Lagoona dawn of the dance. Sorry for the rant. And of course this is only my opinion. Thanks for the discussion. Loved to know what others think. 

There's at least one doll of each character which I strongly dislike.

But I'd say Ghoul Talk Rochelle off to top of my head.

That's actually one of my favorite Rochelles, haha. But different opinions make things interesting. :) I like her hair and the aqua lip color. Her outfit is a little basic but that doesn't really bother me.

For me. Its a tie between the mall 5-pack Clawdeen or Ghoul Spirit Frankie.

For me, Dance Class Operetta.  I'm not an Operetta fan, but I have wound up with three loose ones from auctions, and every single time each one has had limp, greasy hair.  It's always THAT Operetta.  I have a Dot Dead Operetta as well from an auction, and her hair is greasy, but nowhere NEAR the grease level of DC.

All versions of Clawdeen are quite awful. Purple is not a color fit for her at all. She should stick to green and orange. Most Draculauras are also a disaster and over half of Frankies are terrible too. Really hard to pick only one for each 3 of them.

Clawdeen's usually my favourite heh. A lot of Ulas are pretty blah for me though, but not many i'd say are "awful" but... bland.

I think that's somehow more of a sin, bland is like.. there's no excuse. At least with one that looks terrible you know someone will love it for the terribleness but bland is bland no matter what.

I dislike most Frankies, I love many Clawdeens because I've always loved green and purple as a color scheme, but Draculaura for me is either hit or miss, there's no middle ground.  I either love her or hate her.

I really don't like any of the Sweet Screams dolls.....IDK why....I have just never cared for any of them.

They're my favorite line lmao


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