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Looks like Spectra and Clawdeen are indeed super heroes! Totes not a fan of them. They look pretty bad to me. Ick. At least Clawdeen doesn't have purple or green hair. lol

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Spectra's cute but I wish they would have subbed the fushia for light blue...

I hope they make a variation of Deadfast Ghoulia.

Don't worry there is still a reveal for tomorrow as shown in this picture (not mine found on

Because her head isn't on. ;D

Emily is Piff said:

Bloodgood looks short!

As much as a comic book nerd as I am... I'm gonna say no on these lol I love Spectra but this one is kinda scary haha

I really like Spectra's makeup, boots, and dress. Otherwise, eh. Not too big a fan of her in general though.
I have to say that I'm torn on Clawdeen though. Can't tell if I hate or love it because I can see what they were doing with her hair and costume being a throwback to a lot of 80s comics (I'm seeing Wonder Girl with a Nightwing collar, lol).


Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:

I love these! I was a total comic book nerd growing up. I need this Spectra. I'm still dying to see "Cat Tastrophe" which I assume is Toralei as a villian.

^That's exactly how I felt when I first heard of Cat Tastrophe X3

OMG I got soooo excited when they revealed Scary Tales since I LOVE faerie tales and fantasy stories but with the reveal of these two I am even more stoked!!  Love love love both of these and I would basically have to kiss my paycheck goodbye if they made the girls into those dc characters or marvel the nerd inside me doesn't care as long as she gets superheroes/villains :-3

Yes Yes Yes Yes! That would be the Most epic thing ever!

Bryan said:
I would have love Mattel of they were to have made those 5 girls as those characters, though possibly give Toralei a more modern Catwoman look. I also wish they were to have made Spectra as Zatanna, Jackson as Nightwing, and possibly InvisiBilly as The Riddler.

No like.

The actual dolls look WAY better than the photos they have they showed the dolls at sdcc and they don't look a hot mess like these

I LOVE these! But I'm a sucker for super-heroes. Can't wait to showcase Polter Ghoul and Wonder Wolf next to Deadfast Ghoulia! Hopefully there will be more Super-Monsters to come. 


Sarah Quilter said:

Don't worry there is still a reveal for tomorrow as shown in this picture (not mine found on


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