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Looks like Spectra and Clawdeen are indeed super heroes! Totes not a fan of them. They look pretty bad to me. Ick. At least Clawdeen doesn't have purple or green hair. lol

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wher? the comtent is unavalable D:

Love Spectra. She looks great.

Pics, please. I can't see the link.

The link doesn't work for me :( 

ooooooh wow clawdeen is pretty I don't really like spectra though.

I'm sooo glad I have decided to collect every Spectra.  Man, she rules.

Clawdeen does actually have green streaks in her hair. . . Ugh. These are both a "no" for me.

I'm actually slightly frightened  >_>

Oh wow! That's interesting, but I'll need that Spectra for my collection.
Clawdeen looks like her previous dolls all mushed together though.
Hurrah more spectra!

I like the Spectra.

...I love Spectra but I think I will pass on theese.

these are so ugly to me, my money is safe xD

I like these two and I also really wanted them to make a Hero/Villain line and now they do. The only thing that doesn't appeal to me a lot is Spectra's hair. Maybe it'll look a whole lot better when I see her in person. Still, I really want these two. :)


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