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Project #1
DT Draculaura to Desdemona DeVil daughter of the Devil.  See picture #5 for updated face-up... I decided I wasn't happy with the first try - so I cleaned all the paint off and tried again.
The hair is a little (a lot) thick, I guess I over-rooted for my first attempt - oops!


Project #2 - From DT Ghoulia

Project #3 - From a DT Cleo 
Her hair is rooted with Raven Black and Midnight Blue Saran and real peacock herls (feathers).

 Project#4 - from a Werecat Twin

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Thank you so much!
Normally I free-hand it with a brush and paint, but because of the complexity of the white tiger and the fact that painting the face white actually left a base the pencil would work on, I used an artists' pencil to pre-draw all the lines, and then I went over them with acrylic paint and some very small brushes I bought off of ebay (20/0, 30/0, 40/0).  Paint is not my usual medium, so I'm slowly getting accustomed to handling the brush with the comfort I would a pen or pencil..

VoltageBoltz said:

Oh wow, I LOVE all of them!

You did amazing.

Did you happen to use pens or pencils, or just regular paint and a brush?

I want to paint some dolls but I am only touching up which I want to use pens or something I just don`t know where to find them or what brand etc etc.

I love the Melody doll. You do awesome work!

it may be ok to use pens on dolls IF you seal it really really well first.  but it's generally seen as not as safe as using acrylics.

Oh! Thank you! I'm not sure. I hadn't thought about it.  I haven't yet finished all the dolls that I'm working on.

Scarredkitty said:

these are great!! I love them all :D, how much would you charge for another Melody??


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