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I guess because I pre-ordered a feejee mermaid living dead doll the vendor thought I would like the set of 3 winged monkeys that are coming out. They were right! Winged monkeys are another of my obsessions. Basically anything that scared me as a kid is an obsession.

I received an email, and put in a pre-order for the winged monkeys. They are green instead of the classic MGM blue. They are part of a Wizard of Oz set that comes out next year.

I am a huge OZ fan, it is my all time favorite movie. I even got married in ruby slippers. So, I love to collect OZ dolls. I actually have a Madame Alexander monkey, Barbie monkey, Tonner monkey, and the mini Alexander monkey that came with happy meals several years ago. I am always excited to add a winged monkey to my collection.

Just in case there are any other winged monkey fans out there, I thought I should mention it. They can be devilishly hard to find.

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I was more afraid of those damn monkeys than I was of Chucky from Child's Play.  I hated those monkeys and I still hate them to this day.  I won't watch The Wizard of Oz for that reason.  I know....weird right?  lol

Ha! I totally get it. The animated version of Gollum from the Hobbit is my all time scariest childhood monster. Something crazy that lives in a swampy cave looking for an excuse to eat you. Yikes!

I actually found a great Gollum at a yard sale for $1. (Neco brand I think). It was freaking me out to drive with it in the car, then I didn't want to bring it in the house. I ended up boxing it up and sending it to my mom to get it away from me. I didn't think any DOLL would ever freak me out.

I want to see this mermaid are the pictures up yet?

Not yet. It is supposed to arrive before Christmas, so I have a little wait. I will be sure to share pics with you guys when she arrives.


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