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Will another doll company now come in and fill the gap left by MH?

do you all hope like I do, that another doll company sees an opportunity to come in and fill the niche for darker, edgier dolls left empty by MH going "cute"?

I think there are 3 possible contenders:

MGE- I could see them the most eager to take this opportunity, but I hope they do something completely new, not related to Bratz, please dont bring back Bartzillas.

Play Hut- I think thats the name of the company that makes Mystixxs dolls. Id like to see them try again, but they need to put more effort into it. One face mold and a gummy cheap body is not gonna cut it, and please no more of the double faced head thing, just make them regular dolls this time!

Once Upon a Zombie- they have(or had) plans for an extended line that included boy characters and pirates, maybe they will feel that now they can go ahead and expand it with the empty spot for darker dolls left available.

It would also be cool of Bleeding Edge Begoths could return, but I think that company is long gone. :(

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I want that dragon boy yessss.

To be fair, the price of the smaller bjds isn't too bad when you look at how inflated the price of MH had become. Astranova was £62:99 in the uk! The gala ghoulfriends were £26:99!

Suddenly paying £130 for a resin highly detailed, massively posable BJD doesn't seem so insanely inflated. When we're paying like £30 for a PLAYLINE hunk of plastic tat, £100 isn't such a stretch for something decent. £50 is nothing for a unique customisable doll when playline is only a little cheaper, and once you're ok paying £50 for a doll, it's easy to go to £80 or £100 and then each time it's just that little bit more than the last heh.

Another pro is that it slows down the amassing of dolls. I'm pretty much out of space here with playline, i've got hundreds upon hundreds of them but i'd never be able to afford that number of BJDs. So a couple a year instead of like 60 a year? that's going to really help the shelving situation.

Why can't this be a Barbie-style affair? Give the little girls their doe-eyed, silly pinkies, keep a mid-range (which would be what we've had), and an upper scale line (Collectors Draculaura etc). I promise you they'd make a killing because all markets and demographs would be catered to and happy. Barbie learned this a long time ago.

that's what i've been saying all along but looking at the leaks? It's ALL vomit inducing preschooler tat. Mattel doesn't like customers over the age of about 8, they don't seem to know how to market to them and that terrifies them.

This is them showing us what they think of all those tween, teen and adult fans. And it's a big ol' middle finger.

I do hope they have the business sense not to alienate their whole customer base, but Mattel seem to be run by a bunch of imbred brain damaged monkeys who can't tell their arse from their elbow right now. They're probably too busy playing in their own feces to do anything smart or sensible.

Yeah, i'm really mad at them. Not just because of the look and feel of the reboot but because they should know BETTER than this. The crap they're pulling is what nearly killed Barbie, you'd think they'd learn but they don't. They NEVER bloody learn and that's what makes me so angry. How can you run a toy company for over 60 years selling DOLLS and still misjudge the market SO badly? How can you look at all that profit and think "nah, we don't want that." ? It makes NO SENSE and that's why i'm mad, because mattel's actions are illogical, senseless and extremely moronic. I have zero patience for bad business decisions and as far as i'm concerned, this is a terrible business decision. Instead of just cancelling the line which clearly they want to do despite it still making profit, they're going to drag out a slow painful death so they can then blame the consumers rather than their own ineptitude and I find that unforgivable.

I would like to see Hasbro buy Bleading edge /Begoths and reboot the doll line useing the bodies that they made for the descendants line.

yes, I would so buy them in a heartbeat!

Im glad I at least have a good sizable collection of MIB Begoths. They are the jewels in my doll collection.

I loved the concept of Begoths and the fashion . but the dolls body's were there weak point.

yeah they were kinda cheap chinese knockoff quality... the heads, face paint & clothes were nice though, especially the later ones.

I would like to see a company bring back that concept of dolls based on different subcultures:

goth, loli, steampunk, industrial, punk, rockabilly, tiki culture, harajuku, tribal, even emo, fangirl & hipster, all the variety would be so much fun. Im gonna miss that from the Monster High reboot.


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