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Will another doll company now come in and fill the gap left by MH?

do you all hope like I do, that another doll company sees an opportunity to come in and fill the niche for darker, edgier dolls left empty by MH going "cute"?

I think there are 3 possible contenders:

MGE- I could see them the most eager to take this opportunity, but I hope they do something completely new, not related to Bratz, please dont bring back Bartzillas.

Play Hut- I think thats the name of the company that makes Mystixxs dolls. Id like to see them try again, but they need to put more effort into it. One face mold and a gummy cheap body is not gonna cut it, and please no more of the double faced head thing, just make them regular dolls this time!

Once Upon a Zombie- they have(or had) plans for an extended line that included boy characters and pirates, maybe they will feel that now they can go ahead and expand it with the empty spot for darker dolls left available.

It would also be cool of Bleeding Edge Begoths could return, but I think that company is long gone. :(

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I am not sure if they will want to seeing as Mattel believe that the edgy gothic stuff wasn't a seller if they know of this they will too believe it and not want to make something they think won't sell so it will probably be cuteness overload for all.

Bratzillaz coming back wouldn't be a bad thing in my eyes, I liked them I liked the inset eyes and the designs for most of them, the quality wasn't that great though and the names could have been better, who has similar sounding names to their cousins anyway? or in Jade's case the same first name, but I don't think MGA have any plans for bringing them back.

Begoths looked really cool it's a shame the company is long gone since I would love to own one, the details looked so great for them.

I wouldn't say that that's it for edgy gothic doll lines there might be something different one day and when MH dose end there will be something else taking it's place in popular doll lines and who knows MH could always go back to their edgy gothic self the way Bratz went back to their classic self in a way at least.

They won't bring back Bratzillaz now that the new Bratz are out. Isaac Larian even said that the goth doll category is pretty much 'over' (and I agree with him). 

At the moment I just don't see how anyone can 'bring back' edgy goth dolls. If there's a company willing to give it a go, I'll gladly look out for their products, but nobody will be interested if the quality isn't there. 

I'm guessing no at this point everything has gone cutsie from shopkin land so yeah my guess thou there will still be fake dolls floating around like gothic girls, gothis tales midnight magic at least until those end. knockoffs are often behind the tread i've found fake novi stars a year after they ended. Again thou not the greatest quality.

Perhaps cutesy is popular now? I don't see the appeal in Shopkins, but they're very popular over in the UK. Barbie has been out for over 50 years and despite poorer sales today is alive with cutesy themes like fairies and mermaids. My Little Pony, pretty cutesy too, though the older fandom does contribute to a lot of the sales, lots of little girls like them anyway. Disney Princess is still here (even through the movement from Mattel to Hasbro) and Frozen is ridiculously popular.

I've still seen young girls interested in Monster High in real life, and they are in the target audience, but it's completely possible that edgy just doesn't sell as much with Mattel's desired market anymore.

For me personally,I would love if they could continue the vinyls. That is IF they stay in the same format,which they probably won't so I think this really will be the end for MH with me. From what I can see,my doll collecting habits will die down in less than 2 years. It looks like there will also be no more Hunger Games Barbies,I don't like EAH that much,MH is going in a soft cute route which I don't see myself liking,Bratz weren't and won't be my thing,and I only like Barbies from a far(their lack of articulation really bothers me) so other than Funko Pops I don't think I will continue to collect many dolls..unless MH goes back to its edgy self or a specific doll line really does mesmerize me that I find myself collecting them.

Once Upon a Zombie is due for new stuff, Alice and such is out next year.

I think isaac Larien (MGA) has no idea what he's talking about and is just bitter Mattel got success with another franchise honestly. Most of what he says comes across as tedious whining when it comes to Mattel.

But yeah, cute is the theme of 2016 and I can't say i'm impressed. Everything's gone too far toward the cutesy in that a lot of it is bloody creepy (those shoppies look like they're going to eat my soul!)

I'm not sure but I feel like geeky STEM themed dolls and cutesy super girly dolls are the big thing now. While I appreciate stem themed toys, i'm too old for cutesiness. I'll probably pick up more OUAZ if it hits but otherwise i'm pretty sure my money will be going toward Makies (who can be whatever you want), Hujoo (who make anthro dolls) and if I can justify the cost, some of the more monstery and inhuman BJDs out there. There are companies who've embraced what MH embraced once, multi limbed freaky strangeness, wings, tails, talons and fangs. THAT is what I like in dolls, I love the creativity there so if we don't get a playline doll to fill that niche and it's all safe cute and preschooler-esk, that's where i'm heading.

There's also always the Living Dead dolls who aren't actually any more expensive than MH. but they aren't articulated at all. They have a new wave out in April which is "things that go bump in the night" themed. Their current two lines are twisted wizard of Oz and freakshow. Some of their dolls are kinda cute in a spooky toddler doll way heh. They've done many of the universal horror creatures like dracula, frankenstein's monster and the bride, gilman and so on. I think a lot of people who got into MH initially already were into LDDs, and they're still going strong with the adult collectors.

The artist who did Little Apple Dolls still does them, but they're expensive art pieces now rather than mass produced figures. And of course there's multiple companies making adult marketed horror and pop culture themed plushies, toys and figures. That's the market I think OUAZ should be trying to capture but they seem determined to get kids and I don't think it'll work out for them. Which is a shame as the dolls are actually pretty cool.

There a few punk/edgy dolls out there. Some are pricey especially the foreign ones. Like LUTS and any BJD really. And like Purple_monkfish mention the LLD but I'm not into those baby toddler shape bodies.

I love integrity dolls but boy are they expensive. Really I just want the whole Jem and the Hoolgram collection from them. If I had the money I would go crazy. Also would some 3A female only dolls. I can only afford the book and graphic novels from that franchise lol.

Im hopping for Once upon a zombie to make more stuff. Saw some pics a while back on the web of the second wave with alice, tinker bell and a peter pan loved it. I really appreciate those in set eyes.

Also hoping mattel keep Super heroes high around that will probably be the only thing I will be collecting from them unless they keep once a year MH collector doll and "dreaming here" a line for us collectors with the original dolls.

I forgot DCSHH is coming, I might get the "bad girls" Harley, Ivy etc, but I need to see what they look like in person first...

I wonder, maybe with DCSHH coming out Mattel felt it could soften the MH line and the older MH fans who didnt like the softening would turn to the SHH line?

I typically collect Alien action figures, Pacific Rim Kaiju etc...and believe it or not, the same thing has happened for boy toys. All there is is Star Wars. Star Wars and super heros. I blame everything on this watered down, sheltered shitty generation who are starting to have young kids and can't BARE to have them see a terrifying Alien or a zombie doll with a bouquet of fresh brains. No, everything is cute, heroic and harmless. Even the Jurassic World dinosaurs were terrible and softened up (literally, they have rubber TEETH) compared to the old ones.

I hate this generation of parents.

Even the Jurassic World dinosaurs were terrible and softened up (literally, they have rubber TEETH) compared to the old ones.

yeah those were so awful! I collect dinosaur figures, but other than some of the minis I dont own a single JW figure.

I've secretly been hoping (if all this is true) that Mattel will sell Monster High to another toy maker. But not Hasbro. They haven't had a good doll since Jem. And they will just continue as they have been and we'll still have our "scary" dolls.

regarding the BJD dolls,

yeah, they make some fantastic fantasy/horror themed bjds, companies like Doll Chateu, Planetdoll, Soom, Luts etc...the one problem with them: they cost you an arm and a leg. I do own a Loongsoul tiny centaur but that's all Ive been able to afford for now. :( My next bjd holy grail is one of the Resinsoul dragon boys(a doll I was hoping Mattel would make for MH line but looks like that will never happen now.) :(


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