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I'm looking through EBay listings at used dolls.  Why are so many of them missing the arms? One example -  I see a lot of 23 dolls for sale and ALL of them are missing their arms.  What's up with that?  Since I'm fairly new to the hobby, I'm sure this is an old question, but it is driving me crazy.


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I've gotten a lot of dolls over the years through several sites, and most of the ones I get that are played with are missing forearms and hands.  They're so easy to lose.  But a lot of people will buy the dolls without the limbs.  They might have the extra limbs and want that doll, or even use them as part of a custom.

Thanks everyone for enlightening me.  None of my dolls have arms that come out easily.  I have to really tug if I want them to come off.


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