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Frankie is avail every other day.
Toralei was last online 8/28, what's going on?

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Have not seen her in my stores yet. Baltimore,I did have a New Target open this week and None, but 5 Dance class.
Also, Scarah was at my TRU today. All last few x's she was online at TRU I missed her,got TRU to honor BOGO 50% off. So returned Clawdeen fashion,got 2 Scarah and was only charged for 1. So worth the wait! $29.99 for 2 Scarah.

My target had 2 torelei and 2 frankies today. I also noticed that the power ghouls were on sale for $18 in the flyer. They showed both as exclusives in the flyer. I expect they might have a few more now since it's in the ad.

Went to my local Target in Connecticut yesterday (Monday) and found the shelves filled with both Toralei and Frankie. They had 5 or 6 Toraleis (I bought one of those) and about 8 or 9 Frankies. I have been checking several days a weeks for what seems like forever so I was literally jumping for joy!

On Sunday I saw 4 Torelais at the Target on Kipling in Wheat Ridge.  I tried to post it earlier but could not get the time.

My targets had a ton of Spectra and Howleen - still have a bunch.  About a month ago, I saw 2 torelei - though one the box was so smashed up I would have felt bad giving it to someone.  Haven't seen any since.  I JUST saw Frankie's this weekend, they had about 5 - so I snagged one for my sister who doesnt have a Target near her


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