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In this game, just ask why something is so awesome and the next user gives any reason (other than "Just Because") why it is so.  I'll go first...


Why is Jimmy Two-Shoes so awesome?

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Because it plain flippin' is.


Why are llamas so awesome?

bcuz they are odd

why are pancakes so awesome

because you can eat them

why are monster high dolls so awsome? 

bcuz evry thing mh related is so flippen awesome!


why are monsters so awesome

Because I secretly am one. 

I'm the Cookie Monster.

Why is bubble wrap so awesome?

becuse he created this game


why is this game so awesome

This game is awesome because it's fun!


Why is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic so awesome?

Hey you didn't answer correctly! Oops..did i sound like a meanie? Didn't mean too....

I don't know who Nikki Chupacabra is!

Why is My Little Pony so awesome?

girls... lets not fight. my little pony is awesome because its cute. and your oc is awesome as well.

why are words so awesome?

because she is a new chacter and looks awesome! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


why are owls so awsome?

Because i dont know what they are.


Why is my mom so awesome?

because she made you?? *ew*

why are puupies so awesome?


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