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In this game, just ask why something is so awesome and the next user gives any reason (other than "Just Because") why it is so.  I'll go first...


Why is Jimmy Two-Shoes so awesome?

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Because he can walk on water


Why is spaghetti so awesome?

Because spaghetti is made by elfs with the help of pixies..


Why is taco salad so awsome.?

Because tacos are epically awesome.


Why is JK Rowling so awesome?

Because she wrote HP 1 in a coffee shop.


Why are glue sticks so awesome? 

Cuz glue is the answer to every problem!!!


Why is this game so awesome?

Because you're playing it.

Why is cake so awesome?

Because we can all go nuts and dress up as random fruit.


Why is chess so awesome?

Because I learnt it online.

Why is skateboarding so awesome?

bcuz  you have fun

why are dogs so awesome

Because they don't bite like llamas.

Why is dissing Twilight so awesome?


why is mh so awesome?


Because  Monster   High   Is   Not   a   normal   School
y   Is   Clothes   So   Awesome?

MoNsTeRgIrL(Lily Megurine X3) said:


why is mh so awesome?



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