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In this game, just ask why something is so awesome and the next user gives any reason (other than "Just Because") why it is so.  I'll go first...


Why is Jimmy Two-Shoes so awesome?

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oh yeah. any way, sirens are so awesome 'cause they got feathers.

why are birds so awesome?

iEatIdiots said:

Because they are fluffy

Why are sirens so awesome?

(demetors suck souls. Death eaters follow Voldemort)

Cause they're a lot like sirens (Feathers, sing, :) )

Why are squirrels so awesome????

cause they're FF, Fuzzy and Fat ;D

why are fat rodents so awesome?

Cause they're FFF, Fuzzy, Fat, and Freakin AWESOME!!!!. XD


cause they're FFF!!!

why are fuzzy puppies so awesome?

Cause they fuzzy. XD

Why are ADSF movies so funny and awesome?



Q: Why is Chuck Norris so awesome?

A: Cause you can't look him up on the internet.

idk... why?

why are cell phones so awesome?

Cause you can text people and take pictures XD

Why is Toralei So Awesome?

'Cuz she has Purrsephone and Meowlody as friends :D

Why is Nutella so awesome?

Because It's chocolate, mmmmmm...

Why is Google so awesome?


cuz they're my clothes

why is the Hunger Games so awesome?

(OK this is a not true answer.:)
  Because there are fluffy puppies and fluffy unicorns!

 Why is roller derby so awesome?


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