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I was a Monster High collector for 3 years until I started to get bullied by my peers at school, my siblings, and even random people on the internet. I started to think that it wasn't okay for a teenage boy to collect dolls and that maybe I shouldn't do what I enjoy most. But after coming out to my parents, family, and friends I look back and realize that it doesn't matter what other people think of me and my hobbies and that I should just embrace myself. My collection has been in a box for a great 8/9 months and it breaks my heart. So here I am about to set them free XD

Thanks for listening <3

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Thanks so much. And I know XD I mean look at Xavier Roberts

Welcome back to Monster High, TacoCat!  Although you went through a bad time, I'm impressed that you have been able to move away from it and are embracing yourself and your interests.  I know what it's like to be bullied, shamed, harassed, and oppressed.  It has taken me a lot longer to gain confidence in who I am and not 'edit' myself with others - I actually do still struggle with all of that a bit, though.  You're not alone and you have support!

thanks :D

Too right! Not being the person you are - and feeling you can't enjoy stuff you love because some people would disapprove can make you really unhappy. 

Glad to have you back. You will always be accepted here


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