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I was a Monster High collector for 3 years until I started to get bullied by my peers at school, my siblings, and even random people on the internet. I started to think that it wasn't okay for a teenage boy to collect dolls and that maybe I shouldn't do what I enjoy most. But after coming out to my parents, family, and friends I look back and realize that it doesn't matter what other people think of me and my hobbies and that I should just embrace myself. My collection has been in a box for a great 8/9 months and it breaks my heart. So here I am about to set them free XD

Thanks for listening <3

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Why don't you just take your dolls back and enjoy them? My Mom did this to me when I was a kid. She took away all my toys long before I was ready to let go of them and then tried to shame me into thinking it was silly for a kid my age to still like playing with dolls. Today as a result I am admittedly totally overcompensating by collecting all kinds of dolls, including MH dolls. If you sell them you'll regret it. Who cares what other people think? If you love them keep them. In the end the only opinion that matters is YOURS. You have to live with yourself and if you start giving up everything you love because of people like that you're the one who loses. Why let them? Take a stand and keep them. Start collecting again. If they still bring you joy that's all that matters.

Thanks so much :D I never got rid of them.. Well I sold a couple including my original mint Nefera... ugh what a regret.

Im a guy and Ive collected dolls my entire life..from Barbies to Bratz and even Build A Bears to Cabbage Patch Kids. and I still got them older now....but I think the secret is you just gotta own it and be happy...One thing Ive never done is apologize for being who I am.....if someone has a problem with me or my hobbies...then THEY are the ones with the if you get rid of your collection because of what others think, then does that mean you are gonna change the way you dress if they don't approve of your clothes? Change the way you eat if they don't approve of your eating habits?? Date a certain type of person because they  know best?? When does it stop?  Instead of selling or getting rid of your dolls...if you think you are miserable.....get rid of them all...cuz once they are gone, they are gone and I guarantee, once you truly Own will be so much happier.

thanks for the great responce :D

Don't listen to anyone if collecting dolls makes you happy then you do it, take it from me you will regret it and you hate yourself for it and you will hate your life, I once gave up Bratz years ago and I regretted it I hated myself I hated my life it miserable something was missing and I couldn't feel whole again, I became someone I did not like I did not recognise I wasn't who I was meant to be, and I did it all to impress people I realised that weren't worth impressing and were not even my friends I wasn't like them I did not fit in I wanted to belong and I didn't, even when I lost those friends I made worse ones, I hated it but I realised after all this time into my mid twenties that I didn't belong and I didn't need to and none of it was worth it, I had to be myself and I had to be thick skinned and not care what other people think and I don't when I started collecting again my eyes were open the most important thing I had to be was myself and now those people are out the picture and all that bad stuff is in the past, I feel better I have moved on, and now I collect dolls again I feel happy and I know now never make that mistake again, and now I collect all different dolls and toys I just feel like I belong and this was what was I meant to be doing, it is my life's passion and I am not changing it for anyone, and I am proud of it, you need to hold up your head high and be proud you need to be thick skinned you need to not let get it you and stand up to people, it's your life not theirs you live it how you want to live it and you do what you want to do with it, don't make the mistake I made, if people can't accept for who you are you don't need them in your life, be strong be brave be proud be you.

thanks so much :)

TacoCat ... let never ever be anyone in the posotion to make you feel unworthy or not normal ...

1. Step was coming out, yes ... next step is ... take your dolls back on the shelves. Thats whats Monster High is all about ... BE UNIQUE BE YOURSELF ...

I am 34, a guy ... and gay ... and now I am proud of all these aspects :-) I am just normal in my own way ... so are you dearie ... I never ever let anybody tell you anything diffent *hugs*

ty :)


F*ck them. We will love and support you.

As Christian said; Monster High is about being unique and being yourself. We understand that in this particular community and will be here to support you :)

Welcome back! Would you like a sled for the slippery slope? ^_^

A sled? Sure XD thanks lol


Hey Sweet Guy,

Listen, some of the greatest doll designers out there are men. Look up Robert Tonner - he is amazing and has a doll empire. He is also well known to be an incredible person. I mention this because there are many men out there that collect and love dolls.

Really, action figures are basically dolls. Would anyone give you trouble about collecting them?

Do you know of the actor Simon Pegg? I love him and this quote:

“Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.”
― Simon Pegg

I sincerely hope for you that you embrace the things you love and let them make you happy. I know this is something that is often easy to say, but hard to do. I hate the thought of anyone abandoning something they love because they are being bullied.

You stay strong!


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