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I got into Monster High through the dolls and have been watching webisodes the last week and a half. 


I have to say, Cleo treats the other girls badly especially in the first and second season and treats Deuce even worse in all three seasons.  It seems like any episode that has the two of them interacting, he has to defend himself from a dramatic and public accusation from her based on little to no evidence or she's using his gaze to make her life easier. 


She is constantly taking things away from Ghoulia without a thought, a thank you or a hesitation and never apologized to Operetta even though she was completelly, loudly and publicly in the wrong. 


Honestly, I don't like her and can't see why Deuce and the girls put up with her.  I'm overloaded in college right now but if I had more time, I have a fanfiction running around my head to break up Deuce and Cleo and put Deuce with someone that would treat him better.


I know a lot of people like Cleo and maybe I haven't seen the right episodes to be able to appreciate her so this is an honest question - why do people like Cleo?

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Yeah that really is hypocritical of her. I can't help but wonder what is Toralei's character suppose to be? She's mean at times but she often shows a bit of her humanity too (or... catity) but then she goes and does something like she did in Friday Night Frights and I can't help but wonder what her motivation for all of this is! She basically just likes seeing ghouls suffer and it's like why?? Is she so insecure with her life she needs others to feel worse? I think the rivalry between her and Cleo makes sense since Cleo sorta does run the school in some manner and Toralei's purpose since she got out of jail was to rule the school. But how will she rule the school if it's gone? Is that her way of ruling it? Cleo wasn't all that involved in SkRM like the others were so it wasn't because of Cleo. Her dating Rocco likely has something to do with it and I can't help but wonder why she agrees with all the stuff he said about how ghouls can't play roller maze and how they're inferior to the boys. Is her bf winning and their school being ruined really more important to her? What would happen if they lost their school anyways? Would her and the twins go back to jail? Do they want to?

I really think Mattel is sort of confused with Toralei's character. Or at least she's confusing me. She has reasoning for being a mean girl but many of her motivations in other things to me doesn't make sense. I'm probably looking much deeper into this than I need to be, I just think Mattel needs to get this character back on track a bit. She's a mean girl, fine, but give us better motivation behind her actions. Nowadays she just seems mean just to be mean and that's actually rather annoying since we KNOW there is more reasoning behind her meanness.

fayerie said:

I dont understand how anyone can like Toralei and hate Cleo for being 'low-down'. Ironic much. Though Cleo was portrayed as being vile in earlier episodes but it seems that that was before she got closer with the other girls. The fact that the other girls are willing to go through so much for her shows something in itself doesn't it. Often, Cleo reacts badly because she feels threatened or wronged (like when she thought Deuce was cheating on her). As for Toralei that girl has not a single good in her all she does is try to be spiteful and mean. She's pretty much a loser too for trying to ruin others' party just because she wasnt invited(and that was because she does little mean things to draculaura). Even during mashionals when she helped MH team B and said she didnt want to win them by cheating i thought that was ridiculous because in Friday Fright Nights she wanted her said boyfriend to win MH no matter what. So...she doesnt want to cheat but she can make others do it. What a little hypocrite.


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