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I got into Monster High through the dolls and have been watching webisodes the last week and a half. 


I have to say, Cleo treats the other girls badly especially in the first and second season and treats Deuce even worse in all three seasons.  It seems like any episode that has the two of them interacting, he has to defend himself from a dramatic and public accusation from her based on little to no evidence or she's using his gaze to make her life easier. 


She is constantly taking things away from Ghoulia without a thought, a thank you or a hesitation and never apologized to Operetta even though she was completelly, loudly and publicly in the wrong. 


Honestly, I don't like her and can't see why Deuce and the girls put up with her.  I'm overloaded in college right now but if I had more time, I have a fanfiction running around my head to break up Deuce and Cleo and put Deuce with someone that would treat him better.


I know a lot of people like Cleo and maybe I haven't seen the right episodes to be able to appreciate her so this is an honest question - why do people like Cleo?

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Triumvirate said:

Her dolls are gorgeous. :)

Cleo is flawed and far from perfect - and that's why I like her.  She is a force that drives things forward with her brashness and bullheadedness, but when her back is against the wall she's a leader and she's loyal to her friends.

Cleo is the one who, when Ghoulia couldn't go to Necro-Con, had all of her servants buy raffle tickets to win Ghoulia the Zero issue of Deadfast.  Cleo is the one who stuck by her Fearleading team when it would have been easier to take Toralei's offer to put the were-cats back on the team to win the Spirit Staff. 

Cleo's home life, what we've seen of it gives the indication that she has a HUGE inferiority complex.  Her sister berates and teases her.  Her father constantly compares her to Nefera and disapproves of her friends and boyfriend.  And through all this she still insists on staying with her same friends, the ones who forgive her issues and still love her anyway.

You look at Cleo and see the worst character.  I look at her and see the deepest character.

Just some background before I go into my rant.

I've read every journal/diary since the product line's release, seen every special and webisode release to date including those not translated in English yet.

I am in NO way trying you to get your opinion of Cleo to change, some people don't like her and that's okay. I'm not here to change any opinions just here to answer your question as to why I personally like her.


  1. In "Ghoul's Rule" it is made painfully obvious that Cleo is a victim of her upbringing. Not only does she have an extremely demanding father who expects greatness from her in such a "young" age, who disapproves completely of her boyfriend, and who is constantly telling her she is royalty and should act/expect to be treated as suck; but she has an older sister who appears to be daddy's "favourite" and who she (Cleo) constantly feels in competition with.

    She pretty much lives in Nefera's shadow in home, at school (she was the past fearleading Squad Captain as mentioned in Season 2 of the Webisodes), a socially (Webisodes an diaries established she was a Super Model and even a failed super model is still a super model). Not to mention Cleo is, in fact, royalty/rich and was raised as such.

    All these background character building things revealed it's pretty darn obvious to see why Cleo acts the way she does- why she feels entitle to people, friends, and even information. I'm not saying this excuses her negative actions but I am saying she's not a two-dimensional mean girl who is just mean for no reason (in fact I can't even call modern Cleo mean, entitled and spoiled, but not mean).

    And this is point one of why I like her. She is the most developed character background wise in my opinion, and her and Draculaura (my original favourite character) aren't much different in the fact that both are entitled rich girls who have everything but still expect the world of their significant other and friends. It's just that Draculaura's entitlement comes of differently than Cleo's.

  2. Cleo and Deuce is my number two canon ship in the series behind Draculaura and Clawd because when reviewing the Journals/diaries they have a fantastic "opposites attract" dynamic

    In C.A. Cupid's diary we found out that Cleo and Clawd were originally a couple because Cupid thought the most popular ghoul in school and the "Big Monster on Campus" would make a great all stars couple. Cleo and Deuce fell for each other even when Cleo was under the influence of Cupid's Arrow's, A.K.A the most powerful love spell of all. Even Clawd couldn't re-fall in love with Draculaura when he was under Cupid's influence.

    My arrows are supposed to be foolproof but even though [Clawd and Cleo] are still together and appear as happy to every other monster I know they are not. Cleo is also beginning to have affections for a Gorgon boy named Deuce. 

    - From C.A. Cupid’s “Wave 5” diary

    Here are some more really adorable excerpts from the journals/diaries about Cleo and Deuce:

    Of course, I’m never really sure what’s going on behind those shades. I wish I could take them off so I could see his eyes when we talk, but that’s never going to happen. It makes me just a little bit sad.

    - From Cleo De Nile’s “Basic” diary

    He wrote a song for my upcoming birthday celebration and he wanted Operetta to put it to music and make a recording for me. Of course there have been thousands of songs composed in my honor but this was different…

    - From Cleo De Nile’s “School’s Out” diary

    I have the ability to charm snakes - not with a stupid flute - but I can speak to them and they will do what I ask them to. It’s not something I do all the time - I mostly just use it when Hissette crawls inside a shoe I want to wear and won’t come out. No, I’ve never used it on Deuce although I’ve been tempted a time or two…just kidding. He likes me for who I am, why would I want to ruin that by manipulating him?

    - From Cleo De Nile’s “School’s Out” diary

    In "Why Do Ghoul's Fall In Love?" when she's briefly under Cupid's spell again she immediately turns to Deuce after it's broken and embraces him, telling him she's missed him even though its literally only been minutes.
    In "Ghoul's Rule" we see how difficult it is for Cleo to break up with Deuce after her father and Nefera premuch force her too. And when she get's back together with him she apologizes. Seeing as you mentioned the Operetta arch where she says "If I gave apologies I would give you one right now" that is a HUGE deal.
    Also in the special "Friday Night Frights" Cleo takes care of Deuce's injuries after the Skultimate Roller Maze match even saying "All wrapped up like my mummy~"
    And in the first webisode premiering Scarah's voice (I think that's the one) in Season 2 you again see Cleo caring for  a sick Deuce making sure he get's the attention he needs. Cleo is selfish but she's there for people when it counts which brings me to my final reason why I adore Cleo as a character and how I love how much she's transformed in the series....

  3. Cleo's relationship with her friends and esp. Ghoulia!
    In the webisode "Daydream of the Dead" Cleo has her servants go out of their way an cease assisting her to get the prized comic Ghoulia wants. Does she even bother tracking credit for it like we expect Cleo to? Nope! She let's Ghoulis have the comic without demanding praise or thanks, and even had it deliver anonymously.

    In fact her even being friends with Ghoulia is a "big" deal: 
    While Cleo does have the reputation of being arrogant and demanding, which she is at times, she can also be generous and helpful. How does she help me? It is hard to socialize when you are as shy as I am, but Cleo will not allow me to sit on the sidelines. When we first became friends, she took me around and introduced me to everybody. Even Clawdeen! Now I am included in every social event and have so many good friends at MH that while I am still shy, they will not allow me to be invisible. I am still closest to Cleo though, because she took a chance on getting to know a quiet and nerdy zombie girl when she really did not have to.
    - From Ghoulia’s “Basic” diary

    So if Cleo would have done the normal stuck up girl thing and never befriended a lowly zombie- it was established in the journals/diaries that there's a "Zombie side of town" that has negative connotations, and in "Fright On" the zombies are lower on the latter than the rich Vampires (and thus the rich royalty that is Cleo)- Ghoulia wouldn't have as many friends as she does now

    And in "Friday Night Frights" she even joined the Skultimate Roller Maze team when her friends needed her too- even though it was painfully obvious she, herself, had zero interest in participating. And in "Why Do Ghoul's Fall In Love?" she helps plan Draculaura's birthday even though her expectations are extremely demanding.

TO SUM UP EVERYTHING. I love Cleo because even though her upbringing should dictate her to be just some rude snob, she has another depth to her. She's honestly one of the most well rounded characters in the show in my opinion and is the definition of "there's more than meets the eye". She's experienced a lot of growth as a character and I love her for it, even if she is still entitled.

I like her dolls as they are really well designed and her personality I suppose shes not the best when it comes to manners but royalty don't need them!

Thank you Triu! I think Cleo is a lesson to everyone that we should all look a little deeper at a person before judging. We don't know everyone's story and Cleo's character gives us a unique opportunity to see that not all mean people are just mean for no reason- like, let's say, Meowlody and Purrsephone. (even after reading their journals those two just seem to be mean for the sake of it XD)

Triumvirate said:

Atmoica and  Ninapedia, after reading all of your posts on Cleo I'm actually getting tears in my eyes. This is a very touching examination of who Cleo is.

Whether we are talking about real people or fictional characters, (which are created by people and therefore contain real human dimensions and experiences), you can always fit each of us into neat little stereotypical boxes. But if you go deeper you see our loyalties, the struggles we've had to overcome, our general there is much more to be seen and that should remind us that we shouldn't write people off so quickly.

All these defences are very well said.

As for myself, there's one event I always go back to;

During Season 2 of the webisodes (I forget which episode) there's a moment where all seems lost for the Fearleading Team. Cleo doesn't take it well. But what does she do? Takes full responsibility for the failure, saying that is part of being a leader. While it might be melodramatic and not all true, it's a great moment for her, showing while she's arrogant and spoiled, she also knows what it is to be a leader. And it's not always fun.

Cleo is my favourite character, but I see no point in just saying, in a rather poor fashion, the exact same points that everyone else has already worded so greatly.

P.S.: I also like the fact that she is a drama queen and overreacts. I just do.

I definitely second what Atomica, Ninapedia, and Triumvirate have said.  If you only take a cursory glance at Cleo, she just seems like a stereotypical mean girl, but looking just a bit deeper, you'll see that there's a lot more to her and her relationships than meets the eye.  I wasn't a fan of Cleo as a character myself in the beginning (though I've always thought that her dolls were gore-geous), but getting to "know" her better has made me do a 180.

Though I wouldn't classify myself as a mean girl by any means, I do kind of relate to Cleo, as far as expectations are concerned; as the daughter of an Ivy League scholar and someone who was the head of his class from kindergarten to post-grad studies, I had a lot of expectations piled on me, not just by my parents, but by their circle of friends.  My parents hated my friends because they weren't straight-A, Ivy League-bound overachievers, but I liked my friends because they liked me for the person I was inside, not because of my grade point average.  Sure, I was an awkward nerd who didn't dress fashionably (still am), but that didn't matter.  My friends and I liked each other because we made each other smile and laugh, and because we were there for each other if we needed it. 

Cleo was depicted as being truly despicable in the first couple of seasons of the webisodes, but she has been significantly softened since.  She's still quite spoiled and often inconsiderate, but she is no longer deliberately malicious like she used to be.  The line in the theme song saying that she's "vile" just doesn't really fit anymore.

Well, Ninapedia said it all perfectly, I...really can't add much to that :'D Another thing though that I just love about Cleo, is that she's just hilarious. She's melodramatic and self-centered in the most amusing way possible, and just has a great entertainment value :D Probably the same reason I love Rarity from MLP.

And, second or thirding or whatever that her dolls are just gorgeous. If I could own all the Cleos ever made, I would.

Thank you to everyone that answered this and didn't just blast me. I appreciated everyone's views and explanations. I'll keep watching webisodes. I'm not sure if I will ever like her but you all definitely gave me things to think about and a softer view of her.

Thank you again for nicely explaining it to me.

Nah, why blast you? You have your own opinion and you are entitled to it. I myself don't like some characters either (coughHowleen,Twylacough). But hey, if we all had the same opinions, it would be boring, right?

There was nothing to blast.  You asked a good question, and people here answered it cordially.  At least, I hope we were cordial.  ^^;;

Ahra Raven said:

Thank you to everyone that answered this and didn't just blast me. I appreciated everyone's views and explanations. I'll keep watching webisodes. I'm not sure if I will ever like her but you all definitely gave me things to think about and a softer view of her.

Thank you again for nicely explaining it to me.


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