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Take WalMart for instance. They constantly replenish. But with MH, I've seen the same empty shelves with a few dust collecting duds and I know damn well they have all the new stuff in the back. I feel like it's a MH thing at these places! EAH and Barbie get updated much more frequently. Don't get me started on Target.

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it's way slower over here in the UK, though the shelves aren't exactly empty they are filled with old dolls, TRU just got the first of the new MH only two so far, and Asda (UK's Wal-Mart) have had the same old stock since January, though last time I was in there they were getting ready to restock their shelves, other super market and retailers are pretty much the same, EAH hardly ever gets updated over here a lot of stores don't stock them and there are a lot of dolls we don't get or they harder to find, we used to always get the new characters but now that's changed too, Barbie usually gets updated pretty fast. 

Right now with Walmart they're doing inventory. That means they don't open anything they don't have to (cause it's easier to count). They should be doing a reset or partial reset after.

My other stores have steadily been putting out new pieces a few at a time, just getting the new stuff slower :(

Perhaps the retailers have a 'do not sell until' date on their stuff set by mattel. I dont know of the punishment (if at all) for breaking those, but then it completely depends on the individual retailers if they have the balls to break it or not.

I"m in Scotland and when the dolls first came out they were easy to find with places like Asda (UK wal mart) devoting at least three shelves in the toy aisle to them but now it's a miracle to find stores here that sell them. So far Argos & Amazon have been my only means of MH but a local toyshop (Toytown) is selling older dolls, B & M (Target) just got the freak du chic fairground & toys r us had the Ghoulia & Slo Mo prom 2 pack which I've never seen over here.


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