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What was the first MH doll that you got? What was the first doll you ever got?
Monster High- Frankie Stein
Ever- Some Barbie doll LOL I don't remember

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My mom didn't want me to have dolls when I was a little girl!
My first monster high was Frankie. And now I have like 22 monster high dolls so whatever mom u failed
My first doll was Frankie. I was sooo excited when I got her, and my second was dawn of the dance Clawdeen.

MH - cleo & deuce , GB Ula D & Deuce ag dolls

bought at the same time

EVER: TS3 (toy story 3) barbie (NEVER Getiing another barbie)

Monster high- Spectra.

First MH was Frankie. Cuz dats all dey had at da time anywhere, It was around christmas time and dats all i could find. I really wanted to get Draculaura.

Ever: I never really had a doll before this, but action figures are just "boys dolls" an me had plenty of those. So i dont remember what one it was.

Monster high was Cleo/Deuce Giftset and my first doll was a crappy thrift store Ariel barbie.
Mh lagoona

Ever ?
i got 3 at the same time GB cleo drac and jackson

 my first MH doll was GB draculaura.

 my first doll ever was probably a barbie, my mom said I got it when I was 3, that was sio long ago I don't remember which one.

first mh-dod smooth hair!
first doll-some creepy doll that when i wake up on my scare me!!!O.o

my first EVER lagoona blue


lagoona norm(could get ghoulia or lagoona.... i choose wrong) draculaura norm cleo deuce set 3 of 4 athletic outfits dead tired draculara day at the maul fashion pack normal draculaura agian

First MH Doll: 1st Wave Basic Frankie Stein.


Ever: Idk


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