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What was the first MH doll that you got? What was the first doll you ever got?
Monster High- Frankie Stein
Ever- Some Barbie doll LOL I don't remember

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First and currently only MH: Ghoulia Yelps


First doll ever: Cabbage Patch.

Monster High: Lagoona Blue.

MH: Frankie Basic

Ever: I got some barbie or something XD

MH: Frankie and Lagoona basics (bought at the same time)

Ever: A Barbie most likely. 

My first was LAgoona Blue


My first Barbie was Barbie in  the Nutcracker In the big pink dress. :3

Monster High: Frankie, then later i got cleo and deuce all 3 from walmart, then lagoona, draculaura, and clawdeen all at once at target. then later ghoula at target, then holt at target, then DOTD Cleo at justice {i am never shopping there again} all 5 GB dolls at target at once the only ones on the self. the DOTD Frankie and Clawdeen at walmart. and now awaiting the new dolls to come in.


first doll ever,... =x.x= either a baby doll, a troll doll, or some other fantasy dolls i can't rember what they are called. =x.x'= also fair winkles. <3

Monster High: Draculaura

Ever- I really don't know!

mine was lagoona
i got frankie and draculaura at the same time for my bday in august but my first doll was betty-sue from sesamea street
For me, it was Frankie and the Deuce/Cleo gift set
the first doll i ever got was when i turned 5,my aunt got me one of those pregnant barbies.then my cousin stole most of the peices and lost them,besides the doll and baby.dont have it anymore tho.     first MH doll i got was basic frankie stein.i also own a Cleo de Nile dawn of the dance.
Let's see. My first MH doll was supposed to be Lagoona, but I missed out on her by a few minutes so Ghoulia was my first. I think this Jasmine barbie was my first barbie, but I'm not sure. That was almost 20 years ago. @_______@


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