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Now, considering we have over 20 monsters available to us, it's getting harder and harder to pick a favorite.  And because I don't want to not include some of my favorites how about we each pick our favorite 5 monsters for now (whether you own the dolls yet or not)???

Okay, here's mine for now (always subject to change of course ;)

(The first two of mine however, are both really number 1;)

1. Rochelle Goyle

2. Robecca Steam

3. C.A. Cupid

4. Operetta

5. (SO HARD, BUT FOR NOW I WILL JUST SAY...) Frankie Stein (she was my first doll and the one that   got me into the whole thing!!)

What are yours?

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1- No contest, Toralei

2) VERY close second- Lagoona

3} Jinafire Long

4] Werecat-Twins

5\ C.A Cupid.

If i picked a sixth, I'd probably go with Nefera.


I would throw Catrine in there, but I don't know much about her. I like werecats.... :)

I DO know she is an artist, as am I. I like that. Rayne is an artist too! ^_^ Hopefully Mattel won't make her annoying. >_/p>


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