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Thank you everyone for your interest, I have made my decision. There is still one other person I might be contacting but other than that I have decided. If you don't get a message sometime this week, I'm sorry to say you will either have to look elsewhere, or wait for me to put some up for sale. And that won't happen until after the con. Thank you again for your interest, and good luck. :)

I'm going to be purchasing a few Scarah Screams dolls and my sister is as well so we will have a good stock of them. I'm planning on selling most of them but I was wondering what some people would be willing to trade for the other ones? I do have dolls I am interested in, but this can be for more than just me. Say someone else is planning on getting Scarah Screams and trading, if someone offers something you like, contact them. But just so you know, this is what I'm looking for. ;D

Also, a note, in most cases, unless it's a really rare doll, I'd prefer two basic dolls for one Scarah Scream. She is an exclusive after all.

Want Badly(Basics):

-Frankie Stein

-Lagoona Blue

-Ghoulia Yelps

-Spectra Vondergeist

-Gil Webber

Want Badly(Non-Basic):

Deadfast Ghoulia

Want but don't need as badly just yet(Basics):

-Holt Hyde

-Jackson Jekyll

-Cleo De Nile

-Clawdeen Wolf

-Howleen Wolf


-Nefera de Nile

-Toralei Stripes

-Purrsephone and Meowlody

-Clawd Wolf

-Deuce Gorgon

Comment on what you are willing to offer in exchange~! <3

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I could probably get a NIB Spectra if you are still looking?

Sorry, I've got her in a recent trade. And I'm running low on dolls, so I'm done taking offers. I apologize for the confusion and will close the thread.

Caitlin Hart said:

I could probably get a NIB Spectra if you are still looking?


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