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Well, The Holiday Season is just around the corner....and the new year is coming soon....and new dolls, and other items are being released, so....

Which NON-Monster High doll(s) and other notable items did you just get?

I went on an online shopping spree recently, and then, tonight, I went on a Wal*Mart spree....and I received my early Christmas gift!!!

* The non-MH items that I ordered online were the Wee Waterbabies Cutester doll (AA)....and the Project MC2 Rockstar Bryden doll w/ Nail Powder Experiment

* I was in Wal*Mart, and I had just about enough to get Fashionista #89 and an adorable Babysitters, Inc. baby (AA / Hispanic?, with brown eyes and straight brown hair) for myself, but I was spoiled with them, instead. Wow! : O

* When the trip to Wal*Mart was over, I received my Christmas gift early: an iPhone!!! I was certainly surprised!

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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I'm surprised by how much they go on ebay, but they seem pretty rare to come by on there!

I got an old looking barbie from the thrift store! Her eyes are really cute. I could really use help with ID. I have no idea if that's her original outfit.


She is very pretty. She looks like she is from the mid' to late 90's. I don't think it is her original outfit but I don't know a lot about Barbie.


Congrats, Tea.EarlGrey.Hot.  :)  I think that Tula is right about her, because mid-late 1990s Barbies had really pretty eyes, with dark, thick, luxurious-looking eyelashes!

I recently went on an online shopping spree! I got Dumbledore, Draco, and....Dora, and then I realized that she is on Wal*Mart's website, too! Bummer! Of course, if my last Wal*Mart experience is any indication (I was in the actual store, and the employee didn't even know that they had the Bo Peep doll!)....LOL!

I'm just always afraid of buying a "Miss Wonk-Eye" doll online, and then finding a better one in-store later!  :(

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


Within the last few years, I've lost a few relatives, and, yesterday, I received a tiny, old doll that belonged to my late grandma. She's not in super shape, so she's worth a lot more for sentimental reasons than for monetary reasons.

Well, anyway, I was told that the doll wasn't gonna scare me, but this doll got unwrapped, and the sleep eyes were still closed; my chest was gripped by fear! Luckily, the doll is super tiny, almost like Nancy Ann-sized; if she'd been a large, French bebe, I'd probably be six feet under from fear by now!

The doll is an articulated porcelain / composition doll with a blonde wig (?), brown sleep-eyes, and scary as heck, almost sharp-looking teeth, like those of a lot of porcelain dolls from way back when! Per usual, the doll is in a box behind me in this computer area, along with the other scary doll in the house. The little doll is dressed in orange checked fabric, but she's dressed like a pioneer from the "Little House on the Prairie" era. Cute as heck clothes, and I can sort of get past the teeth when the eyes are open, but the hair is a little bit scary, and if anything about that doll was from a person....I'm gonna be too scared to even breathe, and this is coming from someone who has held a seance for her cousin with a My Scene doll, and who keeps a Supergirl doll on her nightstand in memory of her aunt

I was so scared about those teeth that I couldn't even eat my Denny's nachos with much enjoyment last night; I kept feeling grossed out by the nachos, and I kept thinking about those teeth, and feeling old, and feeling scared about going back home.

Anyway, the doll came along with a doll bed that's too big for her, but the doll bed belonged to my great grandma, after whom I was named! The bed features spiky decorations and intricately-carved posts on both the headboard and the footboard. There are actual handmade (?) bedclothes for the bed; there's an entire set of them, plus spare sheets!

I'm sitting here, breathing in some weird scents, which I'm hoping aren't from any really old dolls! I hate musty, old scents; when I used to go into antique stores, it felt like tiny particles of paper were going into my throat! Weird scents are a part of my life, though; it's not unusual for me to suddenly smell ether / anesthesia in the air from time to time, for no real reason.

Anyway, at least the new old doll isn't in my room; I only hope that I don't start having nightmares about those teeth, because, in my nightmares about that other scary doll, I always threw her away, and she kept reappearing in the house! It's righteously tough when one believes that every doll has a soul!

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

I got 1997 holday barbie NIB. She was at the thrift store for $10 USD, so I couldn't pass her up. The box was kinda beat up so I took her out. Shes so fancy I can't take it! New Barbies are so sad in comparison!


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