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Which Monster High dolls have normal (human like) skin tones?

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering which Monster High dolls have normal skin tones (human like skin tones).

I know that Cleo and Nefera and the whole Wolf Family have normal skin tones. Any other ghouls?

From the boys I believe Deuce and Jackson both have normal skin tones.

Note: It seems that Gigi and Viperine also have normal skin tones.

Thanks in advance for any information provided.

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Yeah, but EAH Cupid isn't in a Monster High line. She's not Monster High, she's crossed over.

1Dlover said:

yes I know that is why I said Cupid as she was from MH before.
Victoria Niccals said:

I do believe the title says "Which Monster High dolls...."

1Dlover said:

does EAH Cupid count?


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