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Which Monster High dolls are shorter or taller than average (in height)?

Hello everyone,

I've been wondering for a while, except Howleen and Twyla, are there any other Monster High dolls which are shorter than the average Monster High doll? I'm also curious if Howleen always has the same height or if the dolls from different collections differ in height. And who is taller? Howleen or Twyla?

I've also noticed that Nefera and Clawdia seem to be taller than the average MH doll. Any other MH dolls which are taller than average?

Any information is very much appreciated.


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Twyla and Howleen are the only short dolls right now, and Nefera, Clawdia and Headless Headmistress Bloodgood are the tall ones. Howleen has always been short, ever since her first release, and I do think that Howleen and Twyla are the same height (when they're not wearing shoes, of course)

Abbey is a tiny bit taller then the normal sized ghouls. I'm not sure if its her shoes or if the legs are a bit longer.

If you scroll down to "Characteristics" on this wiki page it goes into detail about all the different sizes.  The girls have three sizes, the smallest being Howleen and Twyla, the largest Nefera, Clawdia, and Bloodgood.  All the rest have the standard size.


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