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I'll be gobsmacked if this type of a thread already exists, but I know that I can't find such a thread, so....

Which Monster High doll was the last Monster High doll that you got?

I just recently got Party Ghouls Abbey. She looks, but she's kinda interesting.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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Replies to This Discussion I got the baby wolves. I actually really like Pawla and Barker, but Clawdeen is disappointing (Bad hair, horrible posed static body that means she can't even stand up and forever looks wierd and kinda dull faceup) and Weredith scares me.

I actually really like party ghouls abbey, I think she's pretty. Lacking the attitude of earlier MH dolls certainly, but still a pretty doll.

I bought Toralei Freaky Field Trip and Ari First Day of School together in my local Toys R Us closing down sale. I picked Toralei first so Ari is the last one then! lol I love them both.

I saw Party Ghoul Abbey in Toys R Us last year. She is a pretty doll but I did not like her eyes very much so I was not tempted. And she was full price...

The very last MH dolls I got were Ghouls Getaway Spectra in November 2015, and Fierce Rockers Jinafire & Venus, in January 2016. So far, none of the dolls from the horrid G2 have been able to get my attention and seduce me. Some are "cute"... I'd even say very cute.... but I need more than cute. I need fierce, mesmerizing & drop dead beautiful.

ghouls getaway spectra is so pretty right? She looks AMAZING in dark clothing omg.

Some of the later spectras were just absolutely stunning.

the dark skinned Astranova 2 days ago, making the most of TRU's lasting stock 20% off and already marked down to 19.99 made her 14.99 good price and ditching that playset. 

she won't be my very last as I am finally able to tie up some loose ends at last via ebay. 


Congrats, everyone! Those sound like some really great dolls!

Today, I went to TRU, and I was able to choose from three Alivia dolls; I got the one that sort of had the least wonky eyes, but her lip shape is a hot mess, so her unnatural lip color is the first thing that gets stripped off of her! LOL!

I feel sort of lucky to have found her in the first place, though, since I haven't seen her at either Kmart or Wal*Mart.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

"ghouls getaway spectra is so pretty right? She looks AMAZING in dark clothing omg.

Some of the later spectras were just absolutely stunning"

Absolutely. For exemple, Maul Monsterista. In her actual outfit, not so much, but in something else, like her Haunted dress, she's gorgeous. And her hair is super soft and beautiful, with a very unique color combination. Ghouls Getaway's original outfit is quite tacky and weird (not to mention the awful fabric) but the doll herself is truly beautiful, especially in darker outfits, like you said. For exemple, the Ghouls Night Out one.

Maul Monsterista's really thick plum hair is stunning. There's SO MUCH of it, it's impressive but also makes it a bit hard to style. but soo pretty.

I love Spectra in dark colours. My favourite is still the one with the super bright purple hair (Ghouls night out?) in Picture Day's outfit. The combination is gorgeous.

I wish they'd done more dark clothing for MH because they look so dang good in dark colours. Especially the really pale characters.

Gosh I miss Spectra. I wasn't that fond of her original doll because I hated her pink fairy outfit (I mean what the heck even was that?) but later releases really made me warm a lot more to her when they started to give her some real hair variety. I LOVE hair variation which is how I ended up with so many Clawdeens hahaha. It was like a whole new character every time they did a really unique and different hair style or colour combo and I loved it.

I still have my first wave Spectra, but it took years for me to find an outfit that worked for her. I still absolutely loathe her signature outfit, it's too pink and kinda.. little girl dressup for me. I vastly prefer her in something more chic and glamorous. She has such a sultry face, she deserves glamor.

Same with Catty Noir's first doll. Horrible princess outfit. She looks incredible in Haunted Draculaura's dress lol. She'd look amazing in silver too.

I miss old MH. Some of the design choices might have been a bit odd but the actual dolls were usually so dang pretty even under the most hot mess-like of outfits.

I love all my beautiful Spectras. Even Ghoul Spirit is gorgeous. She just need a different outfit.

I would love to have Maul Monsterista but I don't think it will ever happen...

My last doll: Lorna! So cute.

Hello, Tula,

Congrats!  :)

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I was able to go on a shopping spree today, and I got several dolls, including....

* The Monster Family Lagoona & Kelpie Blue Beach Sisters 2-Pack (It's not called that....exactly, but you get the idea....LOL!)

I only had 2 to choose from, and I was only getting this set for the Kelpie doll! I couldn't see Kelpie's eyes very well in either set, because of her sunglasses, but I choose the one with the Kelpie who had the least wonky lips, and I took that set home with me.

Buyers who want this set for Lagoona, beware! Her hair is made of....nylon! NYLON! NOOO! Kelpie's hair isn't too bad, although one of her ears is really poorly glued to the side of her head.  :( Overall, though, she is a true cutie, a goggle-eyed little ghoul with a lovely pout....and lots of soft, fluffy curls to comb out, if you so choose. Love the two hair colors on her!

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The Whispering Wolf

nothing wrong with nylon, the problem is CHEAP nylon. The new family pack big sisters all seem to have this kinda plasticky crunchy feeling cheap nylon that's just not pleasant to touch. Now high quality nylon like what they used on older dolls like Sindy is pretty decent, even some clone dolls have decent nylon hair (like those sparkle girls, they actually have pretty nice hair) but yeah, the stuff mattel are using feels CHEAP.

I kinda want Kelpie, but I wish she looked more like her animated form. At the very least she needs leggings.


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