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Christmas list, holiday list... What's the Monster a High doll that's at the top of your holiday Wishlist? If you have your kid(s)' too feel free to share. You may also share your thoughts on the newly released lines that may be at the top of your or a loved one's list.

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MeganRemus said:
Well now Chocolate oranges are on my monster high list...

I've got enough dolls sitting under my tree at the moment, but after Christmas is over I'm going to keep on my hunt for a Torelai and a Nefera.

Simply delicious

I think there are several brands of chocolate oranges in the states, but Terry's is a reliably good one. For those of you having trouble finding them, if you live near a World Market, they tend to have them!

MeganRemus said:

We have them here, Purple. The brand is Terry's at least in the states.

purple_monkfish said:

Wait.. you don't get chocolate oranges!?? Seriously!? Omg America... wth is wrong with you?

Thanks for the offer, but i'll have to pass. Apparently, some stores in NZ have her, others don't. I have been searching the shelves, but I have had no luck. Thanks anyway!      (Shipping would be quite pricey)

A Binturong said:

One & Only: Gigi is a shelf-sitter at my grocery store. A prompt trade would be tough for me right now, because I'm about to travel out of state. But if you contact me and let me know that you'd like to trade for her, I will pick one up before I leave town  (assuming they have not all miraculously disappeared since the last time I was there!) and we could trade in January.

Unless international postage would be prohibitive, that is... It looks like you're in NZ? I've never mailed anything to New Zealand before!

The One & Only :) said:

Gigi. My local stores do not have her, also the new FCA ones like Honey, Clawdia etc


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