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Christmas list, holiday list... What's the Monster a High doll that's at the top of your holiday Wishlist? If you have your kid(s)' too feel free to share. You may also share your thoughts on the newly released lines that may be at the top of your or a loved one's list.

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Swim Class Holt Hyde and FCA Elissabat are at the top of my list!! I want them soo bad.

Oh man, that's a tough question! I guess I would also say Slo Mo, because he's a top priority since he'll be the hardest to find.

Slo-Mo & Viperine are the only 2 that I'm dying to find for DD.  (The other characters from the new lines can wait--She's already getting insanely spoiled this year)

Slo mo and Honey... and NS Clawdeen.

Those are my top 3, the ones i'll snap up if I see in a store. The others I can wait a bit for but those three I waaaant sooo bad.

Slo Mo and Viperine.  I doubt that I'll find either before year's end, but I can hope...

slo moe and viperine for me too.

Older doll: NIB Basic Holt.

Current Doll: Black Carpet Cleo.

Me and my sister both want Viperine and Slo moe for Christmas. I also want Honey Swamp

Older doll: Basic Ghoulia~

New doll: Honey Swamp. Need now please. ugh.

I'd love to find Jane Boolittle, but so far haven't heard of it showing up in Canada yet.

Other than that, I'm so looking forward to Viperine being released in the new year :-)

Older dolls: Polterghoul Spectra

New dolls: Jane Boolittle, Black Carpet Lagoona, Art Class Abbey, Dead Tired Spectra, New Scaremester Jinafire and new Scaremester Catrine.

I don't expect her to show up in stores before Christmas, but I'd probably shriek aloud in excitement if I saw a Sweet Screams Frankie. Seeing as I'll be home with my family for Christmas and they don't know about my collection, I wonder what I'd decide to do if I *did* see her in person at Target while visiting them?


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