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I can't decide which version of her I want and I can only think of like 3 versions of her, so I need your opinions!

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she's also my personal favorite. The faceup is everything!

Hmm picture day and also Frights camera action Operetta are very nice

Picture day was the one I was gonna get originally but I don't think I want her.. Killer Style one is so pretty but what do you think of dot dead gorgeous? Also I just saw diener operetta and she looks so elegant >o/p>

I like Original she's really awesome, I also am a big fan of Picture day and Accessories, that one has a cool hairstyle with a beehive, Fright Camera Action and Freaky Fusion are pretty high on my list too, Fusion has a cool mask, Dot Dead Gorgeous is really nice she has a cool 50's vibe to her.

As far as looks go i love the style of dot dead operetta.

Here's a list for you.


dot dead

frights camera action

killer style (same outfit as her first fashion pack)

accessories operetta

diner operetta

freaky fusion

There's also a double fashion pack as well if you're looking for extras.

I don't think she's in any other playsets besides the diner thou note only the walmart exclusive version comes with the doll unless you stubble upon a trolled pack. I once saw a mad sceince 2 pack where they put a diner opretta in place of ghoulia lol. Frights camera action was also walmart exclusive but easier to find.

theyre expensive I found a used one play set that comewith both drac and operetta. It's only 22$ total but I don't want the play set or drac. Maybe I could resell them for like 10$?

original is always the best. 

ugh the mask and hair and outfit so fabulous but I love the darker eye makeup :c

I never got a chance to get the original operetta cause I never saw her. My collecting started the end of 2012. I do agree that is the best Operetta. I bought the picture day one. It had the best rock a billy look at the time. The killer style is another one I thought was great but again never saw her.

I've gotta go with the original, she was the first Monster High doll I ever owned. :)

I like her Dot Dead Gorgeous doll. She's the only Operetta I own. (:


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