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I was browsing the mall today and I saw The Giving Tree.  It's a large fake Christmas tree with paper ornaments that are actually gift requests from needy children.  I was looking at the different requests and I found one from a 10 year old girl who wanted a "Monster High Dance Doll."  I decided to grab it, since I figured if I couldn't find any DOTD dolls before Dec 18th (the deadline for turning in the gift) I could just give her my unopened DOTD Lagoona.  However, I wanted to know which doll is the BEST DOTD.  I am not the biggest fan of this particular line, so I am not sure if I am the best judge.  If you were a 10 year old girl (or if you are) which DOTD doll would you really want to get under your tree?  I thought about the 3 pack, but there is a $30 limit request on the tag.

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Lagoona or Frankie!

I love my DotD Lagoona!

my sister is 10 yrs old and she loves Frankie but im 13 and i love lagooona because of her hair XD

Frankie would get my vote.

Thank you guys for your opinions.  I went with the majority of the suggestions for a 10 year old girl and bought DOTD Frankie.  :-)

The 3 pack is $35. I don't really think they'd spaz out too badly if you did that. For me, I think Lagoona or Ghoulia would be best if I were a 10 year old girl.

Frankie or Ghoulia for sure. I'm eleven and those are two DotD dolls i want the most. I think it's sweet you're doing that though! ^^

draculaura (im 11)


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