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I thought we could share our excitement for the dolls that we have just purchased or ordered!

I have just ordered the Werecat Sisters from online. They should be arriving in a week. I can't wait to have them in my hands!

I decided I'm just going to order my dolls off Amazon now. I used to go to the stores but I found they are just cleared out and I can't find the ones I want. So, Amazon it is. Which is still okay. Because I get the specific dolls I want, and the waiting actually makes me excited! Haha.

Which dolls did you guys just buy?

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Keep checking ebay im sure I saw one the other day and try amazon too :) lucky daughter!

I just bought all 3 Scarily Ever After dolls at Target. Great line!!  REALLY love Draculaura and Clawdeen.  I think Draculaura is my absolute favorite though.

I might get Snow Bite next week :) depends what else I find in argos when I go home

I was floored to find Ghouls Rule Abbey this morning!

I got rollermaze ghoulia this afternoon well pleased!
Congrats on ghouls rule abbey

got all3 dead tired wave 2 dollstoday whoop!

Congrats!!! U are really lucky!
The latest dolls were bought for me by my husband: Venus and Robecca (YAY!)
And he got me a School's Out Lagoona not realising I already have one, so I'll probably sell or trade her and buy him something nice in return :3

I just got another Howleen (8 bucks yay!) and waiting for my DOTD Deuce from Laura Jones :)

I got Venus and Robecca at retail prices last week! So happy. I wasn't expecting to see them at TRU then, but was super psyched I decided to drop by the MH area while buying my son an excersaucer. ^^

We found two scary tales last night at Target- Clawdeen and Frankie. There were two Frankie's but we took one and the Clawdeen. We left the isle for literally a second and went back to get something else and the other Frankie was already gone.
If anyone is looking for a snow bite, i have one extra


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