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I thought we could share our excitement for the dolls that we have just purchased or ordered!

I have just ordered the Werecat Sisters from online. They should be arriving in a week. I can't wait to have them in my hands!

I decided I'm just going to order my dolls off Amazon now. I used to go to the stores but I found they are just cleared out and I can't find the ones I want. So, Amazon it is. Which is still okay. Because I get the specific dolls I want, and the waiting actually makes me excited! Haha.

Which dolls did you guys just buy?

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Lily Raccoon said:

Do you have a lot of Frankies coz i need dead tired$275  Off ebay.  I had to cave since i didnt find any at the con.  :(

For my birthday I got myself Sirena Von Boo and Avia Trotter. This weekend I had something to return so I ended up using the funds to get Cleolei too, since I found her at TRU! And I ordered InvisiBilly from Mattel!  Kind of irritated that they wanted 30 for him instead of 20 something Ordered 2 (1 for my friend who got me started collecting); after buying 2 of him, I could have bought a third doll with that extra 20, haha!  But, I am just happy I got him so I can't complain too much there. :P


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