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I thought we could share our excitement for the dolls that we have just purchased or ordered!

I have just ordered the Werecat Sisters from online. They should be arriving in a week. I can't wait to have them in my hands!

I decided I'm just going to order my dolls off Amazon now. I used to go to the stores but I found they are just cleared out and I can't find the ones I want. So, Amazon it is. Which is still okay. Because I get the specific dolls I want, and the waiting actually makes me excited! Haha.

Which dolls did you guys just buy?

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i got the werecat twins and clawdeen and frankie sweet 1600. i waiting to order howleen/clawdeen pack, clawd sweet 1600, an torelai..

I just the four Rolller Maze dolls! I'm so happy! :D

I think Roller Maze Operetta?

I might be gettting one today, though.

today i got ghouls rule draculaura and frankie, dot dead gorg spectra and the nocturnal creature lab add on!!

I broke down and decided to complete the Ghouls Rule set and bought Cleo and Lala yesterday.  Ghouls Rule is now the 1st line that I actually have all the dolls to.  Just gotta wait until GR Abbey is released now. :D

Also, I'll have my Scarah and Hoodude either today or Monday according to tracking.  God, I'm hoping it's today and they don't decide to process it again through the sorting facility in Oak Creek (like they've done some times).

$275  Off ebay.  I had to cave since i didnt find any at the con.  :(

I just got the Werecat twins from TRU

abby dead tired and frankie stein roller maze

Spectra DDG ebay for £35

i got her in argos yesterday for £17.
Len..:Leni..: XxX said:

Spectra DDG ebay for £35

i just got the beautiful venus and robecca and rochelle i got a few weeks ago i really love them

Purchased 2 Howleen/Clawdeen sets online for $39.99 for xmas gifts (I start early!).  Paid to much at $39.99 but shipping was free. 

Saturday we received our Scarahs in the mail  !



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