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Where is the least expensive place to get Monster High dolls?

Hello everyone, I'm not sure which section I should have posted this in.  If this is the wrong place, please let me know and I'll re-post in the correct section.


I found this forum because I was looking for Monster High dolls that I could afford for a Christmas gift.  I happened to be at Toys R Us when the Dawn of the Dance series was on sale, so I was able to pick up two of those for a great price (under $10 each!)  I really think Monster High is great and I'd like to pick up a couple more, but they're just so expensive.  It seems like they cost even more online and then you've got to add shipping on top of that.


Can anyone tell me where they have found the lowest prices and what those prices were?  I mainly want to know the best prices that you've seen for the original Frankie, the Dead Tired Frankie and Toralei (I know I probably won't find Toralei before Christmas, much less at a price I can afford, but I just want to know about how much the going retail price should be if I can find her).


Also, has anyone seen Operetta in stores yet?



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Big Lots, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross all have lower prices on the earlier dolls if you can find them there. Big Lots also sometimes has the Day at the Maul/Killer Style dolls and the first set of new fashion packs.


Kmart also has really good prices on dolls. I can't remember exactly how much but the lowest prices I've paid at a non discount/closeout store. They're definitely cheaper than Target. Also my Kmart has a pretty good selection of MH! I recommend checking them out if you have one anywhere near you. They also carry the newer dolls.


The prices are pretty standard in store (the only exception be Justice, even with 40% off you're still going to pay a bit more) so your best bet would be looking for sales. For example, Meijer had a sale with the Classroom dolls at $12 so I was able to pick up that set. 


You just got watch for the deals.

Thanks!  I didn't know that Marshalls or Ross ever had them.  I was just over by both of those.  I'll have to check there next time I'm in the area.

The Dawn of the Dance dolls are only $15 at Big Lots. Wal-Mart is the least expensive of the big box stores, but seems to be the least organized and gets in new stock less frequently. For me, Target (and not just because I work at one lol) has been the best mix of price and variety.

I recommend checking out your local store ads that come in the Sunday paper. Toys will be going on sale a lot this time of year and while it will be harder to find them you should be able to find them reasonably priced.

Fred Meyer had the DT and Day at the Maul on sale for only $5.99 on Friday and while that was a temp BF sale that line has been on sale for $7.99 for a couple months now.

Target has some of the dolls on sale (typically $14.99 for the basic line and the Clawd/Draculaura set for $24.99).

Thank you all for the information!  I checked Marshalls and TJ Maxx when I drove by them tonight, but no Monster High dolls at either one.  I don't think we have Fred Meyers in this area.  I'll have to check Big Lots and Family Dollar.

dollar stores i got killer style ones for 10 dollars each

Walmart and KMart are the cheapest for most all the dolls, but oddly enough, Target is the cheapest for the two-packs like Cleo/Deuce and Clawd/Lala.

I have only been collecting since mid summer, but I now own twenty dolls; most of which (not counting the few I received as gifts) I never paid full price for. I have bought from Toys R US, Target, Walmart,, Kohls, and the Mattel store, but I do so when there is either a sale, a temporary price cut, or free shipping offer. The secret to my success, has been store stalking! I constantly check out the online retailers, which is how I was able to collect two Abby's, and obtain an extra Spectra! for some reason, has a lot of temporary price cuts. One day I was able to get a Dawn of the Dance Cleo for $8, the next day, it was back up to $15! Same with Second Wave Frankie; one day $10, next $15. I find that checking the stock of items at night, has also been a big help. When I see a hard to find item that has just been added online, I buy it without hesitation; even if I have another order for it on back order. I do this because you never know when they can cancel on you, because they overestimated their stock. If I end up with two of the same item, oh well; I can always trade one later.

As for Toralei, I'm not sure what her average going rate for her has been at other stores (I have left the Toralei hunt to my boyfriend, who is getting her for me for Xmas) but I do know this: At, both Abby & Spectra, (when they were being sold there back in Sept) were retailed for 17.99, so since they're the makers of the dolls, I assume that's what she should be; however, we all know other stores jack up the prices, so a steal would be just getting her under twenty!


This information has helped me a lot!  I was able to find a couple more dolls and never would have even thought to look there.  Thank you all so much!

Target also seems to have more sales on MH than the other retailers.  I picked up Abbey from for 12.99 when she briefly was in stock during a sale.

BlackieChuu said:

The Dawn of the Dance dolls are only $15 at Big Lots. Wal-Mart is the least expensive of the big box stores, but seems to be the least organized and gets in new stock less frequently. For me, Target (and not just because I work at one lol) has been the best mix of price and variety.

Family. Dollar. They have (Or had) Deuce/Cleo packs for $15 and Frankie and Draculaura from an unnamed set that come with keychain versions of their pets for $10 (Someone tell me what set that is...).

But me, I'm lucky, I get the *Dun na na naaa!* Mattel Store! There's a Mattel Outlet strapped to a warehouse in the metropolis in which I live that occasionally puts them on sale or gives out coupons. Their stuff might sometimes be outdated, but they tend to have tons. They have a whole wall of stuff right now! is also pretty nice, often willing to nix shipping and sometimes offer percentages off, especially this time of year, if you sign up for their mailing list. They toss samples in of other stuff into the package on occasion, too (I now have a Polly Pocket stuck to my windshield...).

Another good tip is the proper use of Price-Matching. If you find a MH toy on sale at a store and go to that store only to find it out of stock, go to a store that does price-matching and doesn't have a sale going on; they're more likely to have what you're looking for and you can get it for the sale price if you have the ad.


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