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I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I figured doll housing probably qualifies.  

So, how do you display your dolls?  Do you make furniture for them?  Customize stuff meant for other dolls? Hunt down tiny props in second hand stores and gift shops? Do they have an actual doll house, or just a space on the shelf?  Have any pictures you want to share?


I keep my dolls on my shelves under the TV, the furniture is cobbled together from a whole bunch of places, mostly second hand, and a lot of it isn't really meant for dolls, in fact it's mostly interestingly shaped jewellery boxes. Although I pulled out some of my barbie stuff when I got Draculaura, and I've been planning on painting it black. 



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Why do I need to post a pic?

Waif said:

Atlanta Wave, post a pic!

GaGa, your castle idea sounds awesome.  unfortunatly i dont know anything about gesso.  i made just one room out of cardboard and covered it in fabric but i doubt ud do that for a whole castle.  i think i'm gonna start decorating shelves as rooms so i can hang them up bc i cant really find anywhere to put the room. 

My Dad has a shelve in the office/basement we keep my sister and mine in :)! We put some accesories in there with them, and there on there stands in cute real looking poses :)!!!

i use this roombox for doll storage. a sologne fit for Leon Talley himself :DD

i only have one MH doll,frankie stein,and i actually play with her.if im going to bed or i wont be using her for a while,i usually put it on the doll stand and stick it on top of my dresser.

I used to keep my dolls (Meaning my Obitsu and Holly the knock-off) on my desk or on a small bookshelf but they were always falling over and such. When I got into MH I began making plans for a bit of a doll 'apartment/dormroom' and cleaned a shelf off for all my BJD and other doll stuff. Now instead of my desk I keep Ghoulia, Haruka, Riven and Holly there with their own furniture which is mostly mixed up. (Flea-market finds, a chair that was meant to be a cellphone holder and a little Bratz couch.) I'm still working on getting yet another shelf cleaned off.

My Dolls live in a doll house in the place where my computer is. Except Holt, he's a fugitive in my mind XD So, he lives in the Family room, Clawdeen (his girlfriend in my world) visits him every now and then
My original plan was to convert a barbie house... but in getting Draculaura's jewlery coffin box, and Frankie's mirror bed I realized that if I keep getting the furniture (which I will), they are going to be way too big for it. My plan now is to take a wide 5 shelf bookcase I have and change it into a doll house for them. I am just waiting for Halloween to get all those cute little extras to make it awesome. Right now they are chilling in a translucent bright pink tote with the furniture being displayed on a book shelf... safer since I have cats that love doll hair.
Mine live in a lilttle plastic bin, all nice and neat.  Originally they were all sort of awesome like on my bookshelf, but my mom couldn't stand it and made me move them.  I was going to run out of room anyway.
My dolls live on the top shelf of my bookcase, with the basics on the ledge, and others on the bottom.

my cousin got the coffin you know how much Frankies mirror bed would cost at target?
Darcella Whitright said:
My dolls live in a box except Draculaura she live in her coffin.
My kiddo's are on a bookshelf.  For christmas I took one of those barbie house that folds up (Glam vacation I think??) and modded it to be a MH house for her dolls.  She really likes it
My dolls live in my closet, because I wanted to play with the saying "skeletons in the closet". I got MONSTERS in the closet!! ;)


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